See you soon!!

It’s been sooooooo long! And this post might be my last post for this blog!

I came back to Japan and started working on fabric shop , Nutta (if you don’t know about that shop, please check it out now!), then started working as a clinical psychologist last spring.

I’ve been so busy to do these two works and decided to quit my shop. I’ve been having a big shop closing sale (you can use a coupon code “CLOSING” and get 50% off!!) so please go there and get some fabric, RIGHT NOW!

So, I haven’t made clothes so much last two years, but I made some Instagram posts so please take a minute and see them.


This one is a play mat to use lego blocks. I found a tutorial to make this one somewhere on Internet but I don’t remember it now..


This one is I made for my big girl. I used a Japanese sewing book and this one was on the front cover. I used a double gauze fabric and hmmm… I made a great one, I think!


And this one is the last one. I made a jumper skirt for my big one. I used one of Japanese sewing books. This is very fluffy fabric anf she said “I feel too hot wearing this!” hmm… Well, she can wear this on REALLY cold day, maybe outside. I do think you can make some of your winter outfit like a jacket or a coat with this fabric.

So. This may be my last post. I’ve had so many friends with this blog all over the world. I’ve seen so many great projects.

Just want to say THANK YOU! And SEE YOU SOON!!