Secret Squirrel Sew Along & Back to School Outfit #1


As I wrote in this post, I’d been working on two time-consuming projects recently. One was “Flip” Tinny and I’m done with that project ( you can see finished garments HERE).

And the other one was Secret Squirrel Sew Along ( you can learn about Secret Squirrel Sewing Series HERE). Aaaaand I’m done with it, now!


I know. It’s late to sew for August themes, maybe I should have sewn next mission, for September themes. But I had ideas for this outfit since I saw the acorns for August mission, and I really wanted to finish it, so, better late than never, right?

Okay. Let’s get down to each garments.

#1 Sienna Top


I had an idea for making a top which had “Kangaroo pockets” since I saw the 4th acorn “Australia”, and I was also thinking about using “tangerine ( which was the 1st acorn )” color for that top. But I couldn’t decide which top pattern to use for that.

Then, lately I saw this.

Adorable! Isn’t it?

This is a FREE knit top pattern provided by Jen of Eat. Sleep. Make. for The Sewing Rabbit Blog and the pattern was for 4T ( yes, A IS 4 yrs old!) !

So, I decided to make this top using tangerine for contrast fabric on the back bows ( aren’t they so cute? ).

Because the knit fabric I used for main body was so soft, I sewed a neckband around the neckline for the stability.

And, I added “Kangaroo pockets” on the front of the top. I used the zipper pockets tutorial of Sanae.

So, the 1st acorn “tangerine” and the 4th acorn “Australia” done!

#2 Vintage circle skirt


I got this fabric at “World’s longest yard sale” which I blogged about HERE. It looked like this.


Beautiful, isn’t it? Let’s see the details…


It seems like one scene of the ballet or something. The fabric was really soft, maybe it was originally a scarf. It was beautiful, but also, it was torn in some places around the corners.

The answer for using this fabric was “CIRCLE SKIRT”. So I didn’t need to use torn corners. The pattern on the fabric was placed on the circle, so I thought it would be perfect to make circle skirt.

I used the circle skirt pattern of “Tinny Dress” in 2T. Yes, 2T. Because the waist measurement was just the same with A’s. I attached the elastic on the waist.

Now, the 5th acorn ” Something old”, done!

#3 Patched leggings


First, I was thinking about adding “patch ( which was the 2nd acorn )” on the elbow of the top, like a cardigan or a jacket. But, as you see, I was running out of time, and the circle skirt turned out to be a bit shorter than I intended, so, I decided to make a leggings with the “patch”.

The pattern for the leggings was ” Go To Leggings”. This was the first time to make it and I loved it. I will definitely make more and more leggings this fall 😉

I made oval patches from same knit fabric I used for the bows on the top, used Heat’N Bond to attach them and sewed them to secure.

Now, the 2nd acorn, “patch” done!

Well, actually, I couldn’t use the 3rd acorn, ” Ann of Green Gables”. I was thinking about a straw hat and braided hair, but again, I was running out of time and I TOTALLY  forgot about them at photoshooting; Though I didn’t have a straw hat, I could have done braid A’s hair. Well, that’s the life. Ha!

As a result, I really think this outfit is perfect for “Back to school” too. Knit top, circle skirt and leggings, aren’t these perfect? So, I decided to add this outfit for Mie’s “Sewing for Kindergarten Sew Along” preschool Flickr group. Yay! One outfit for two sew alongs! How neat!

I’m so glad I could finally finish this outfit and it turned out so cute. So is A.


See her excitement? 

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Happy Sewing!


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