The Most. Perfect. Fitted. Dress. Ever (Coffee Date Dress Sew Along)


This is the most perfect fitted dress ever. Because I made it. Because I sewed three muslin for the fitting. Because my husband helped me to fix the fitting of the dress back:)

Well, I could make it! I sewed this for Sew Along Link Party at Project Sewn.

I knew about “Coffee Date Dress“(which was the pattern for this SewAlong and it’s provided for FREE on BurdaStyle. I found the pattern on the blog, “The Selfish Seamstress“, which the designer Elaine released this pattern originally and pinned her another pattern about 5 months ago. She has the most close body type with me on this sewing blog world, I think, though of course I’m not so skinny(any more) as she is.

So, I wanted to sew her patterns for comparably long (because I just started sewing 9 months ago!). When I saw the announcement of her “Coffee Date Dress” Sew Along on Project Sewn, I wanted to join.

But I wasn’t sure I could make it. The reasons: 1. I had sewn only a few zippers(1 or 2, I think) and had  never sewn invisible zipper. 2.I knew the important point of this dress was the fitting, so I also knew I had to make muslins, but I just hated to make muslins. 3. I didn’t have any dressy fabric I could use for this dress.

And here are how I conquered these reasons.

1. I sewed two zipper ( though not invisible one) on this top recently, and it was not so hard. I thought ” maybe I can sew invisible zipper too…”

2. I ended up making three muslins but I knew If I made good muslin, I would have great fitted dress, so, that was kind of fun process, this time. And it was interesting to find how each women’s body style differ. Now I understand I really need to make muslin to sew fitted clothes.

3. I went to JoAnn to get some fabric for this dress and found this.


Coffee Date Dress require “light weight fabric”, so this totally doesn’t suit. But I just fell in love with this. And actually, when I found this,  I decided to sew it.

Because this fabric is kind of itchy to wear directly on the skin, I fully lined the bodice. I used this tutorial for inserting invisible zipper to fully lined dress.

Because I am really short ( also am very short as a Japanese woman) and flat, I could hardly find well fitted dress. Now I have perfectly fitted muslin, I can have another fitted dress.How? Just sew it!

I’m really glad I could make it.. Happy Sewing and Have a good weekend!



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