A Little Thing to Sew + More Moms Clothes


I made this hat, Oliver + S Reversible Bucket Hat recently by A’s request. I don’t know why, but she suddenly said “Mom, please sew me a hat”. I made her choose a pattern from Japanese Sewing Books and Oliver + S “Little Things to Sew”. And after she chose this pattern, I also made  her choose two fabrics for that hat. One was the fabric in the photo above, Jelly Bean by Heather Bailey, which I bought from Hawthorne Threads Fabric for the first time, I think.

When I found Hawthorne Threads Fabric, I got very excited about its selection of various and colorful prints. I bought some very bold fabrics when I ordered for the first time, and later, I thought like “why I bought these…?. They were kind of too bold, after the excitement was gone. Because it was just after I started sewing, I didn’t know what kind of fabric I wanted to use.

So, this fabric was staying in my stash, waiting for being used for something and also, I only bought 1 yard, so it was hard to find out how to use it. Well, this was the perfect solution for this fabric, I guess.

And the other was this.


Maybe you recognize this. I used this for Sailor Style Bubble Pocket Shorts and a little bit for Ruffled Roller Skate Tunic. It’s Carnaby Street for Art Gallery. It’s soft and beautiful.

Because these two fabrics had different colors, I used orange thread for upper thread and navy thread for lower thread. I don’t know it was the right way to solve this problem, but it worked well for me.

And, yes. Moms Clothes Weeks are still continuing! Ha!

I made this maxi skirt from thrifted knit dress. I just cut under the armhole of that dress and sewed waistband (I even didn’t sew the hem, cause I used original hem line).   As I keep saying, because I am SHORT, I could never have found maxi skirt fits me (yes, they are all too long for me), so I’m really happy I could make this.


Also, I made my second Seafarer Top. ( you can see my first one HERE. And I noticed I was wearing same shorts…well, I’ve been wearing these shorts almost everyday this summer. I need to make some shorts, definitely)


I used same fabric I used HERE for A’s top. I skipped adding waistband and armbands for smarter look:)

I have more and more projects for me, but I simply don’t have time to sew. Finally, my kids will start their school next week (FINALLY!), so after that, I hope I can sew for me a little bit more.. I will continue Moms Clothes Weeks until Selfish Sewing Week starts;)

Happy Sewing!

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