We went to the beach last weekend for our last summer vacation. Yesterday, I and my girls went to their new school ( cause I changed their school from this year) and met their teachers.

And. Finally.

They started their new school year today.


Because their new school required “Tote bags” for school instead of Backpacks, I had been working on two Super totes( pattern from Noodlehead) as their school bags. And I finished them today.

Yes. Not yesterday. Today, in the afternoon, when T’s having her nap after the first day of school. They couldn’t have mama-sewn totes for the first day of school.

Why? I just didn’t have time. Simple.

And Super Tote was not so simple to finish in a few hours. Well, maybe you are thinking ” you don’t need to sew Super Tote for kids school tote bag”. You are right. But I will use it, after A goes to Kindergarten next year and doesn’t need it any more.


This one is for A. I used Glimma Canvas and Sunshine Cotton Linen for exterior and Essex Linen for gusset.


This one is for T. GeoCentric Canvas and Sunshine Cotton Linen for exterior and Essex linen for gusset.

I was kind of worried how they would turn out cause I used many prints, but I really liked how they turned out.


And this is how inside looks like… I used too many prints here too:) They are Sunshine Cotton Linen and Cloud 9 fabric for JoAnn. I found these Cloud9 prints at JoAnn one day, and couldn’t help buying them.

I’m so glad I could make them. These were my first time to sew bags ( I have made some for A, but they were kind of “kid” bags), so I needed little time to figure out how to make them by reading instructions carefully. But it was fun and I’m so satisfied with finished ones.

Now my girls will go to school with mama-made totes from tomorrow, their second day of school!

Happy Sewing!

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