My First Project Run & Play

This post is the review of my project for Project Run & Play’s Sew Along. You can see the original post about that HERE.

First of all, this is my first participation for Project Run & Play and for me, this is also the first time to follow everything about it.

I started sewing last December. I had never read any sewing blogs before that, so of course I didn’t know about PR&P before that. I started following awesome sewing blogs after I started blogging, so it was about last April or so. I happened to know about PR&P sooner or later, but I didn’t follow it so seriously. Back then, I didn’t imagine I would participate in it. Well, actually, I didn’t know PR&P had Sew Along Link Party ( and I think I didn’t know what “Link Party” was, either, then).

This time, seanson7, I’ve been following PR&P’s blog, I know who are the contestants, I know all the themes for each week and I’m participating in. WOW.

I was thinking about sewing along, but had been busy with other project. After the season 7 started and the link party opened, I was overwhelmed. SO. MANY. AWESOME. PROJECTS.

What!? I thought I knew most of sewing blogs already, but I didn’t. At all. There were more and more talented ladies.

So, I got bit hesitated about sewing along. But I had an idea, and I wanted to try, so I started making it, being not sure I could really finish it.

I am not the person who makes a complete plan ahead. I started being not sure, tried and made mistakes, fixed and continued.

1.Pattern making( remixing )

I started from making color block pattern for the bodice. It’s easy peasy. I cut original pattern and added 1/2″ seam allowances to the seams newly made by cutting.

I made new pattern for the part which included armhole, yoke and shoulder strap. This part. It looks like gray, but it is “denim” Essex linen.


I used the armhole curve from original pattern and lengthened and made shoulder strap. I used A’s dress for measuring shoulder strap lengths. Now, take a look at my pinspiration.


As you see, this pinafore had curved yoke, so I made my yoke curved too. Also, it had color blocked part ( which is yellow) above the yoke, so I copied it too.

I wanted my yoke to be sturdy, so I made it with two pieces. Two pieces for the front yoke, and two pieces for the back yoke. You know what I mean?  The Yoke part is separated into the front and back, and they are sewn together at shoulder and side seam.


( I love A’s ducky mouth on this photo:))

And I made hem part pattern at last. I used hem line of original pattern, and made 1 3/4″ hem part.

2. Fabric choice

The pinafore of my pinspiration looks like to be made with wool fabric, but I didn’t have them, so I decided to use linen instead.

I had navy, ivory and denim Essex linen in my hand. I also had pale pink, which I used for the upper yoke piece, which I was not sure about the material but seemed like linen. And I had this.


I got this at The World’s Longest Yard Sale. It seemed like this was originally linen table cloth. I decided to use this fabric for this project.

First, I was thinking to make my pinafore using same color blocking with my pinspiration. But the yellow linen had finished and scalloped hem all the way around, I changed my plan and decided to use this for the hem and the pale pink linen for the upper yoke.

When I cut two pieces each for the front and back yoke, I suddenly thought, “hey, this can be reversible, can’t it?”

Ha! I’ve never made reversible clothes before, but I decided to give it a try.

So, I started choosing the fabric for the other side of the body. I tried some fabrics lining up with other parts and imagined about finished garment. Then, I decided to use this.

I got this naniIRO pon pocho from Miss.Matatabi. I wasn’t expected this to be the other side of the pinafore, but it just looked great so I couldn’t resist.

I cut two pieces for the front body and the back body. No, it was time to sew.

3. Sewing ( try and error)

So. I started sewing, finally.

I will write another post ( hopefully with tutorial) about sewing this pinafore, but I just leave some notes about the changes I made through the sewing process.

First, I made the back opening.


I wasn’t planning to make it, but I thought I needed to add it. In the first pattern, shoulder straps were too short, so I lengthened them. And in case the neck opening wouldn’t fit A’s head, I decided to make the back opening, because I couldn’t try her, I was sewing this during late night.

I had to figure out how to close the back opening, because this was reversible. I used ties eventually. Maybe it was not perfect choice, but I think it looks cute, anyway.


Second, I doubled the hem.


You can see it in this picture above. First I thought I didn’t need to cut two pieces each for the front and the back hem pieces, cause I used already hem finished fabric.

But when I was to sew the hem to the bodice,  I noticed that I couldn’t finish the side seams of the hems with only one fabic each for the front and the back. You know what I mean? Well, maybe not, but don’t worry. It was my problem and already fixed. So you don’t need to care;)

Anyway, I cut two more hems( the front and the back) and just for fun, I cut them differently with ones I already cut. As you see in the picture above, I made two pieces symmetrical.

With these changes, I could finally finished this pinafore.

It was challenging but it worth it. When I told A that the pinafore was reversible during the photoshoot, she got so excited 😉

(Now her back saying, “Mom, you had enough pic of me..”)

I won’t participate sew along of PR&P next week ( at least I’m thinking so for now..). But if possible, I want to join again for the week 3 or week 4.

Thank you for reading this looong post… Happy Sewing!


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