Flip this pattern September

As I wrote before, I am the last minute sewer ( or sewist? ).

Today is the la.la.la.last day for September Sew Along Link Party of FLIP this pattern and I finally finished my project.




I made the outfit with “Recess Raglan Dress” and “Short Sleeve Study Hall Jacket”.

Garment #1. Recess Raglan Dress


pattern: Recess Raglan Tee (See Kate Sew)

main: Briar Rose Jersey Knit by Heather Ross ( sooo cute and comfy! who can resist this cuteness!?)
contrast: from the remnant rack of JoAnn

1. lengthened the hem of the tee and widthen the widths and made it little bit like A-line
2. added the contrast band for the hem.
3. added the front placket with the sew on snaps

1. I love this pattern! Easy to sew, versatile and cute!
2. I love love love this main fabric… JUST ADORABLE and it’s also really soft. perfect for kids’ clothes.

Garment #2. Short Sleeve Study Hall Jacket


pattern: Study Hall Jacket (Go To Patterns) with ruffled collar
fabric:  Mustard linen which might have been a tablecloth and I got at World’s longest yard sale ( I used this for this pinafore too)

1. changed the length of the sleeves into short and omitted the bands for the sleeves. shortened the length of the body.
2. separete both the front and the back body into the yokes and the bodices. added little bit of gather between the yokes and the bodices.
3. omitted putting the elastic inside the waistband.
4. changed the front opening from the zipper to the buttons
5. omitted the lining and instead, finished the neckline with the bias tape

1. This pattern is so versatile and awesome! will make the original one!
2. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out about adding the yoke to raglan sleeve jacket, but I LOVE IT. turned out so cute. perfect for the layering.
3. can you guess what color I’m addicted now? yes, mustard ( or yellow or orange). It goes with most of the colors. I like the combination of this jacket’s color ( mustard ) and the emerald green of the dress sleeves.


After all, I love this outfit and am really glad I could finish this. But. I have some regrets..

My regrets…
1. I SHOULD HAVE STARTED EARLIER, so that I could add the welt pocket on the jacket and applied the lining. I also wanted to add the pockets to the dress too… well, maybe next time!
2. I wanted to make the sleeves of the dress longer, but I didn’t have enough yardage. If I have started earlier, I could go to JoAnn and get some more… 


I hope this experience helps me to make new habit of starting sewing along earlier…



That’s it for now! and I need to start other projects…

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* I also added this post to Sew All 26 (no big dill) Sew Along. E is for Emerald green.



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