Selfish Sewing Week: #1 Scout Tee

Now it’s Selfish Sewing Week! And I made Scout Tee as my #1 garment!


This is my first Scout Tee ( though I made a muslin yesterday) and I really loved this pattern!


It’s really easy and quick to sew. Doesn’t need much yardage ( I made this with the remnant fabric from JoAnn, which was about 1 yrd or so). And finished one is simple and so versatile.

I used the fabric which I got from remnants rack of JoAnn. It looks like this.


I don’t know the name of this fabric. Is it  the eyelet, or the lace or what?

I used my walking foot and sewed as usual and it was all good.

Though I made a muslin yesterday, next time I will make some shanges… I want to lengthen the body because I want it to be bit longer and cover my around-hip-area.

I also want to try Knit Scout Tee, which you can find a tutorial on Grainline blog.

I had been so waiting for Selfish Sewing Week and I have many projects that I want to finish this week.


I had a call from my daughters’ MDO just after finishing this Scout Tee and was said that my little one was bit sick. I went there to pick her up. She is not so sick but maybe she needs to stay home for a few days.

So, now I’m not so sure how many garments I can finish, but I’ll try and you’ll see!

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