A Little Bit of Plaid Everywhere ( PR&P Week #3)



Opps, I did it again!

Today is the la.la.la.la.last day to sew along for the link party of PR&P week #3.

And. I finished this outfit at 1pm. I had a photoshoot after picking up my girls from their school and now am writing this post.

But I found some last minute sewers in that link party and am glad about that. Welcome to the last minute sewer club!

No thanks? Okay.

Anyway, this week’s theme was “MAD for PLAID”. Well, I love plaid. I think Japanese people loves plaid much more than the US people does.

I’ve always had some plaid clothes in my closet and I do love to see kids in plaid. But I don’t see much good plaid fabric here in the US. So, I wasn’t sure about this week’s theme. I had only a few plaid fabrics in my stash.

And, it took so long for me to figure out what to make for this week ( that’s one reason why I sewed so last minute). First I thought I would make a pinafore, then I changed my mind to sew a dress and finally, I decided to make this outfit. I even traced two patterns for a pinafore and a dress both from Japanese Sewing books! Well, I will definitely use them later.

So, let’s see what I made!

1. The Plaid Fedora Hat


Main Wool Plaid from JoAnn’s Red Tag rack
Bow Red velvet from thrifted $1 dress
Pattern: Fedora Hat by Elegance and Elephants (Affiliate Link)
Thoughts: LOVE this hat! Because this wool fabric was really thick, it was difficult to sew I gave up on some topstiches), but I really enjoyed making this. A loves hats and this became her favorite in no time!

2. The Gray T-shirt with a little bit of plaid


T-shirt Plain Jersey T-shirt I got at JoAnn
Plaid same wool fabric with the hat
Pattern: T-shirt pattern from Japanese sewing book “EVERYDAY GIRLS CLOTHES”
Changes: Original pattern is plain short sleeve t-shirt. I blocked the back bodice into the yoke and the body and used plaid fabric for the yoke. I also lengthened the sleeves and added plaid button tubs. I also added a heart shaped patch on the front.


Thoughts: This turned out really cute. But. This pattern is tight fit and I used wool fabric for the back yoke, so the neck opening became tight. If, in case you do this, you should use a t-shirt with the wide neckline.

3. A wide linen pants with a little bit of plaid


Fabric: Essex linen blend denim
Pattern:  W pants from Japanese Sewing Book “Cute girl clothes”
Changes: I used plaid wool fabric for the back pockets and added the patches on the front pockets.
Thoughts: After I decided to make the hat and the t-shirt, I was still thinking about what to make for the bottom. And this happened and I decided to make this pants. It turned out cute and comfy. I really want this in my size 🙂


That’s it! Now, I can completely indulge in selfish sewing for the rest of week…

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