Signature Style (PR&P Week#4)

The question was “Do I have my signature style?”.

Because I just started sewing clothes shorter than one year ago. So I wasn’t sure what to make for this week.


T turned two last week and I haven’t made anything for her birthday. So, I decided to make a dress for the birthday girl. And that dress could be the garment for PR&P sew-along. Yes, you call it win-win, right?


I think this dress is my signature style in these points.

1. Thrifty

I used thrifted $1 dress for the main fabric.


I found this dress at local Antique Mall. I got some more $1 dresses at that time and made this and this.

I like thrifting and refashion. I even like the smell of the thrift store 😉 Refashion is easy and challenging. I will do more and more refashion for sure.

2. Vintage-y

I didn’t know, but after I started sewing, I found that I liked vintage taste.


I used Tinny Dress pattern(StraightGrain) for this dress. I once sewed Tinny (you can see it here) but it was flipped and I’ve wanted to sew original Tinny.

I adore peterpan collar on two years old girl. Just adorable. Isn’t it?


I shortened the bodice and the skirt. And made a petticoat to wear under the dress using the lining fabric of the $1 dress.

The waist of the petticoat was too big and didn’t stay well at this photoshoot. It needs to be fixed. But the lace peaking from the hem of the dress was enough cute.


3. Remixed

I found remixing the patterns is so much fun through on going sewing series, “Flip This Pattern” of Frances Suzanne. I really want to appreciate sisters, they opened a whole new world for me.


For this dress, I used Tinny Dress pattern, but I added the sash using Liberty fabric. I followed the free tutorial of The Party Dress (The Cottage Mama) to make this sash.

Because the main fabric is really clean and simple, I thought this dress needed some accent. The sash turned out really cute and looked great with the dress.

So, now I think I have some kind of “signature style”, though this is special occasion version. I like to sew everyday and comfy clothes the most, though I like to sew special dresses. And I like to see how mama-made-clothes are worn in my girls’ everyday life.


That’s it for now. I have to write another post about the garment also due by today!

How was your Project Run and Play? I really enjoyed it! If I have next time, I will plan ahead…

Happy Sewing!!

Please click HERE to see which link parties this post is (going to) participating in.I also linked this up to Sew All 26 of No Big Dill. D is for Dress for the birthday girl!


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