The Fall LBD (Project Sewn Week#1)


I bought this fabric to sew my LBD yesterday. I bought the pattern for this dress last night. I sewed it all this morning.

Hooray for the last minute sewer!

Okay. Though I could make it, I don’t want to do that again. It was too tight.

Fabric: Fake Fur fabric from JoAnn

Pattern: Burda V-back dress #128

I wanted to make a dress that can be worn from now, during fall and winter. I went to JoAnn to find a black fabric which suits for the fall dress.

Well, I didn’t need to buy Fake Fur, but I couldn’t help. It was cute.

Then, last night I searched for the pattern. First I thought I would make this.


I bought this pattern, printed, cut and even assembled.

Then I thought, ” Will I wear this?”

The answer was, “Maybe not”.

So, I looked for another pattern and found this.


I’ve never sewn Fake Fur, and though I searched for “Fake Fur dress” image, I couldn’t find one. So, I wasn’t sure how this would turn out.

But I was thinking it would be good instinctively. And it turned out cute.

It has a V opened back.


The instruction on the pattern was the minimum, but I could make it. I shortened the length of the body, the skirt and the sleeves (cause I am SHORT).


I will definitely wear something under this dress next time:-)

It took me about 3hours to sew, so kind of quick one.

This was the first time to sew Fake Fur, but this fabric is not so furry, so it was not so hard to sew. This is how the fabric looks like.


The hardest part was taking photos of myself… I really need to find the remote.


I got so excited seeing the competitors’ creations, they were so beautiful. I will sew along for Project Sewn as much as possible.

Happy Sewing!

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