Moms Clothes Weeks Wrap Up!

How are you doing on this weekend? It was really hot yesterday here and now it’s rainning. Fall weather!

Maybe no one remember… but one sewing series is still going on this blog. Moms Clothes Weeks! You can see how it started here. Yes, it was just after Summer KCW ended and it is Fall KCW coming in! How time flies!

I had so much fun having “Moms Clothes Weeks”. I really want to thank Venus and Marisa for joining in and sharing their mom clothes sewing!

So, I finally want to wrap up this series and feature some of my favorites from Flickr Group!

Ruby dress7
How cute is this Ruby Dress (Made by Rae) sewn by Venus@Suburbia Soup? Perfect fabric choice!

wiksten top1 2

Beautiful naniIRO Tova Dress (Wiksten) sewn by Venus@Suburbia Soup… this must be so soft and comfy!

blue linen jacket with ties

Cool Blue Linen Jacket sewn by marisa@thirtynine! Well done!

spotty skirt

Cute spotty Knit Pencil Skirt sewn by marisa@thirtynine! Looks so comfy too!

Thank you so much, Venus and Marisa! You guys rock!!

And, here are some of my projects from Moms Clothes Weeks.

Well, I could only finish one scout tee (shown upper right) during Selfish Sewing Week, though I was really looking forward to it.

I sewed up this scout tee on Monday morning of Selfish Sewing Week. Then, at noon, I had a call from my girls’ school and was told T was sick. So I went and picked them up.

T stayed home on Tuesday and on Wednesday, she could go to school (and it was her second birthday!). So, I finished the outfit for Project Run and Play sew along through Thursday. And like I wrote on that post, I thought I could sew my clothes through Sunday.


On Thursday night, A started throwing up. She threw up about 10 times until Friday evening. Of couse they stayed home on Friday. A was sick until Sunday.

So, this is how I failed on Selfish Sewing Week. That’s the life! Just be careful about stomach bugs..

I bought some new patterns and fabrics for me, so I will make them when I have time, so stay tuned!

Happy Sewing!


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