Modern Girl (Project Sewn Sew Along Week#2)


This week’s theme of Project Sewn is “The Fashion Era Challenge” and I chose 1920’s fashion.

I am sure you don’t know, but there is a word “Modern Girl” for Japanese women in 1920’s. In that era, after winning WW1, Japan had a good time and the economy was good. People started taking in Western culture to their lives.


The fashion style of Modern Girls was similar to “Flapper” girls in western culture in 20’s but much more gentle and modest as you see in the photo above.

I have heard the story of Modern Girl from my grandma who just lived that era in her young days. She worked in the post office and had a dance party after work. When I heard her story, I got excited imagining her life.



So, when I knew about this week’s theme, I immediately thought of “Modern Girl”.

Fabric: Vintage border print fabric I bought from Etsy shop
Pattern: from this Japanese Sewing Book ( that dress on the cover)

Original dress is a A-line dress with bow tie around the neck, I changed it into drop-waisted dress. I shortened the length too. But after finished, I thought it should have been little bit longer. Well, you should cut it longer cause you can shorten it later if you need!

When I bought this book, I decided to make this dress with this fabric. Isn’t it perfect combination? This fabric is super soft and sheer, so I lined whole dress.

And I had to make a matching hat.


Fabric: (main)  Quilter’s Linen Print from Robert Kaufman
(lining, band and flower) Liberty lifestyle which I got only 1/4yd at sale so it was perfect to use for this hat
Pattern: Azalea Hat pattern from Etsy

I’m really satisfied with this outfit. This is kind of my favorite sewing for me so far. This is definitely wearable.

But one thing I had to confess, I made a mistake on the dress. Kind of big mistake. Can you guess what that is? I can fix it if I want to, but, do you think I should fix it or leave it?


Happy Sewing!


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