Border Washi (Project Sewn Sew Along Week #3)

So. I decided to work on Project Sewn Sew Along. This week’s theme is “The Graphic Print Challenge”.

Border Washi

For the fabric, I chose vintage border print fabric which I bought from some Etsy shop months ago. I wanted to make it simple, so I chose Washi Dress for the pattern.

And I also wanted it to be wearble from now, so I decided to attach long sleeves.

I attached the lining onto the bodice, and instead of shirring on the back, I made the elastic casing on the back.

Border Washi

I used Rae’s long sleeve pattern and tutorial, but I didn’t have enough yardage to cut sleeves long enough, so I shortened them and added ruffled cuffs.

Border Washi

After finishing the dress, I tried it on, and I thought the sleeves were too wide. So, I attached the elastic on the seam which sleeves met the ruffles.

Border Washi

For me, the theme through Project Sewn Sew Along was “wearble”. I didn’t want to make too special garments that would be worn more only once.

So, how was the result? (there is one week left, but next week happened to be KCW, so I won’t sew along)

Well, I’m satisfied with it. I think the dresses I made for Week #2 and #3 will be worn sometimes. LBD for Week #1 will not be worn so often maybe, but it will fit for Holiday occasion.

These were not I was planning to make for Selfish Sewing Week, cause I wear knit-ts and comfy pants for everyday clothes and they are the clothes I need. But this was the great opportunity to make something beautiful for me. And I enjoyed that.

You can see more graphic print creation here and you will be able to vote for your favorite from this Friday!

Now I’m done. Okay. From now, I will get ready for KCW as much as possible!

Happy Sewing!


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