Knit Jumper (KCW Fall 2013 Day2)

Today, I don’t have any photos in action and am so sad about that…

Knit Jumper

I don’t have any photos in action because… it was way too big.

I used size 95cm (which is like.. 3T or 4T) and made this for T, who just turned 2 in September. But she is tall so I thought she could fit in that size… And the answer was NO.

I finished this last night and she was sleeping of course then. So I couldn’t try it on her until this morning.

After trying it on, I thought I could fix it shortening the shoulder straps, but the width was also big. And this would look cute when it fits well, so I just gave up taking photos in action.

But I couldn’t give up taking photos of this jumper, cause this is just cute, isn’t it? I just wanted to share this cuteness…

Knit Jumper

Like this little gathered and half-circle shaped pocket…

Knit Jumper

And I perfectly matched stripes on the side…

Pattern is from Japanese Sewing Book Hand-made Little Girl’s Clothes and fabric is vintage border print knit from Etsy shop.

Okay. I just wait until next fall…  And am off to another garment…

How is your KCW going…?


One thought on “Knit Jumper (KCW Fall 2013 Day2)

  1. […] you so much, Courtney and Marta! I love both of creations. I made same jumper as Courtney made (you can see it here) which happened to be a bit big last fall. Wish it fits T this fall! And Marta contributed this […]

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