Linen camisole dress (KCW Fall 2013 Day3)

I’m doing so good on this KCW, right? I could make another garment for Day3!

 Linen camisole dress

This is my third KCW (wow!), so I know little bit more of how to than last times. I’ve been even managing to make dinner with side dishes! Incredible!

Well, but in reality, the floor is left messy and the sewing room looks like the aftermath of the disaster. And I will have some friends coming to my house on this Friday, omg, when will I clean up all this mess!?

Just leave some worries behind, let’s get back to today’s garment. 

Linen camisole dress

Pattern: Japanese Sewing Book “Girl’s fashionable and pretty clothes”

Fabric: Essex Linen

Original version uses the lace on the front bodice, but I changed it into using doily and I really liked it.

I really love this sewing book. If I had enough time, I want to make everything on this book… my dream…

The only problem is this is little big for A right now. But this can be worn over t-shirts from now in the cold seasons and this loose fit looks good, I think. 

I cut out the fabric for this dress a half year ago or so (I think I was to sew for Spring KCW) and it was sewn finally.

 Linen camisole dress

I don’t know why but A wanted to be taken photos with T, so I just let her do so. During this KCW, I’ve been having photoshoots just before I squeeze them into the car in the morning. Time was really limited, so there was no choice 🙂

Linen camisole dress

Aren’t these pockets on the sides adorable? (you can see them in the first picture)

And now, I’m off to more sewing!


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