Two Sally Dresses (KCW Fall 2013 Day7)

So. This is the last post for this KCW.

matching Sally Dresses

I had friends visit on Friday so I couldn’t sew anything. I started cutting fabric for these dresses Thursday night and finished them this afternoon. So glad I could make it!

I made them for a Family Photoshoot we had this afternoon. And I took these photos after almost 1 hour photoshoot, so the girls were kind of tired. 

matching Sally Dresses

I made T’s using purple corduroy fabric. And made A’s with pink corduroy. 

matching Sally Dresses

I got inspiration of using corduroy fabric from this Sally Dress Sarah made. It’s perfect for the weather right now here and will be perfect for colder weather it will come in winter by layering longsleeve shirts inside. 

The contrast fabric for the pockets are Koi by Rashida Coleman Hale. I ordered this little before and when I got this, A sew it and said “Mom, can you make me a dress with this? I love this!”.

She’s not so interested in my sewing usually, so I remembered it and used it for this dress (but it seemed like she didn’t remember that ;( ). Well, I love this fabric too. It’s cute and soft.

matching Sally Dresses

I got this pattern by buying SewFab pattern bundle. This was one of the reason I bought it. This was the first time for me to sew with Very Shannon pattern and I really liked it. Easy instructions and I loved how it finishes the waist seam. It looks really beautiful.

They had some “Ring aroung the rosies”…

matching Sally Dresses
and fell down:) matching Sally Dresses

I really liked this square neckline. I will make some more definitely.

So. This is the end of this KCW for me. Next comes… Halloween Costumes, of course ( and not yet done!!) !

matching Sally Dresses

Happy Sewing!! 


One thought on “Two Sally Dresses (KCW Fall 2013 Day7)

  1. […] fabric, this would be a cozy dress, I thought. I chose purple corduroy which was the leftover from this Sally Dress and also used a leftover liberty fabric (leftover from this dress) for the contrast […]

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