A Nice Witch And Her Evil Cat/ Happy Halloween!

So. This is my first half handmade halloween costume.

This is my first time just because I started sewing last December. But I have same feeling with Sanae ( of Sanae Ishida ) about Halloween costume. She wrote “they’re often one-time only outfits, and I find that a bit wasteful”.

So. I also wanted to make it wearable, not just for Halloween.


I decided not to make a tutu for T. T decided not to take a nap yesterday afternoon, so I had a quick photoshoot ( and costume fitting ) then.

A was so excited about her and T’s costumes. She is a witch. But she gets scarely so easily, even about “becoming a witch”. She said “I would be a witch, but not evil one, nice witch”. So, she is a nice witch.

A nice witch costume 1. Witch Hat


I used this tutorial and made this felt witch hat.

2. Black bolero and a purple tulle skirt


Black bolero is made with velvet fabric which I got from JoAnn’s remanant rack. The pattern is from Japanese Sewing Magazine(“Cucito”). This is simple bolero with ruffles on the sleeves, she will wear this through holiday season many times.

Tulle skirt is just two layered gathered skirt with elastic waist. I added glittering yarn on the hems of both layers.

A is a nice witch, but I don’t think her cat is a nice cat.


Look at this evil face! Yes, she is an evil cat.

Witch’s evil black cat costume 1. Cat hoodie scarf


Hmm, in this photo, she doesn’t look so evil.

I made this hoodie using this tutorial of Venus@Suburbia Soup.

When A decided to be a witch on Halloween, I decided T to be a black cat. I searched a cat costume and found some tutorials. I wasn’t sure how to make cat’s ears, because T sure will take off a headband with ears or hair clips with ears.

So. When I saw Venus’ tutorial, I thought ” that’s it!”. I thought she wouldn’t take it off but she did.


I just hope she won’t take it off during Halloween parade of her school this morning.

I used the leftover fabric of this dress. The scarf part was too short to tie, so I added fur like yarn around the neckline to make a tie.

The lining is also the leftover of this top. This is the sweatshirt fleece and I used the fleece side as the right side.

This hoodie looks so warm and comfy.

2. A cat tail


I used this tutorial to make a cat tail. This is made with a hanger and the fur like yarn. That tutorial said it stayed up, but T’s didn’t. Maybe that yarn was too heavy. Anyway, this is cute, so that’s fine.

So. Is this costume wearable? Some may and some may not. Anyway, I’m happy with my first Halloween sewing.

Happy Halloween!!

Please click HERE to see which link parties this post is (going to) participating in.I also linked this up to Sew All 26 of No Big Dill. H is for Half Homemade Halloween custume! 


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