Inappropriately Warm

How did your November start?

Mine started with one more hour, cause it was the end of Daylight Saving Time here in the US. We always feel like we get an extra hour and my hubby says “hey, Daylight Saving Time is awesome. Why don’t Japan do it?” at the end of it, every year (well, at least these three years we lived here). But we always feel we lose one hour at the beginnig of it too. Hmm.

Recently I had an opportunity to test the Downton Duffle Coat of Peek-a-Boo Pattern.


Of course, this was my first time to sew a coat (I even haven’t made a jacket yet, except this). So it was challenging and much tougher than I thought. But I enjoyed that challenge and am so satisfied with finished one.


I used wool fabric which I found in JoAnn’s Red Tag rack. I have used this fabric for this outfit, so I knew how to deal with this thick wool.

I lined a hood with faux fur fabric which I also got from JoAnn. It’s cute and comfy, but soooo messy (is all the faux fur fabric so? I don’t think so). I have used this faux fur to line the hat (for another pattern testing), so I knew about this fabric too.

But when I sewed the hood to the coat, I had to deal with both of these thick and troublesome fabrics. It was .. kind of nightmare. And that was definitely the thickest seam I had ever sewn.

And also, this was the first time to sew the leather (faux leather, though). Because it left the hole, I couldn’t make mistakes on the leather. Anyway, I ripped off the stiches on the leather of the toggles. It was just harder to sew the toggles than I imagined.

The red accent leather on the shoulders and the elbow patches are in the pattern, but I used same leather for the pocket flaps. I thought it needed some red around there and I liked it. That faux leather is also from JoAnn’s remanant rack which I was so surprised to find it there.

And one more surprise…


I used Amy Butler’s Love Flannel which I bought about a year ago because it was on sale. Actually, I chose this because this was the only flannel fabric in my stash (I do have much fabrics but not so much wintery fabrics). I thought it might be too much or mismatched with the plaid, but I liked the result, somehow.

So. Now T has inappropriately warm coat for this weather here now (the highest is still over 60F, sometime around 70F around here). But we need some warm coat for some real winter which we will have in January or February, only for a while though.

Anyway, this coat looks so cute on this toddler.


Her toddler belly could hardly fit in.


Of course, this two yrs old was not cooperative for the photoshoot at all.


This is really amazing pattern and I really loved this. I will definitely make A’s coat with this pattern later.

If you want a copy, Please click here and visit Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop(affiliate link).

Please click HERE to see which link parties this post is (going to) participating in. I also linked this up to Sew All 26 at no big dill. I is for Inappropriate ( make no sense? ha)!



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