Tsuru Tova Top

I really hate having a photoshoot of me. I am really bad at modeling. So to take photos of myself, watch and edit them is kind of torture for me.

But I want to sew for me.


And when you finished a beautiful top like this, why don’t throw some photoshoot?

It was a torture. I cut my face not only because I want to keep anonymity but my face was just terrible. It looked like I was pretty mad about everything around me. lol.

But the top is beautiful, isn’t it?

Pattern: Wiksten Tova Top

Fabric: Tsuru by Rashida Koleman Hale

I was planning to sew this during Selfish Sewing Week. I printed, cut and assembled the pattern. I even made a muslin. Then, when I was to cut fabric, I noticed I didn’t have enough yardage. OMG.

But I really wanted to make Tova with this fabric, so I ordered another yardage again and waited.

I think it was worth waiting.


When I first ordered this fabric, I didn’t notice it had a border print along both selvedges. After knowing that, I decided to make Tova with this. I though it had to be fun to have border at the bottom of this top. And I really loved how it turned out.

This pattern doesn’t have any darts. I really love the shape of this top.


Only problem I had was, well, though I ordered this fabric twice, I still didn’t have enough yardage. What?

So I cut the back piece into 4 pieces. Top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right.

You’ll see the crossed seam on the back in the photo above. That came from my carelessness. ha.

Otherwise, I could sew up smoothly. I will make this top again and again. Maybe little bit lengthen the body next time (to cover my butt. ha).


Finally, I ended up taking photos without me 🙂

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Happy Sewing!


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