Gingham Hoodie and City Shorts

How was your weekend?

We had a runny nose-y coughing toddler, so couldn’t go out much. But we had guests(a family with 4 yrs old boy and 5 months old girl! Aw.. that baby girl was adorable :)) on Saturday and enjoyed making some S’mores on Sunday in our backyard.

Recently, I’ve tried to keep making two garments a week, one for my girls and one for me, and writing posts about them. I wanted to write posts on Mondays and Wednesdays, but this week I missed Monday post. Because it was a holiday here and my girls’ school was closed.


So I couldn’t write a post, but I had already finished this outfit for A. Gingham hoodie and City Shorts.


This hoodie pattern is from Japanese Sewing Book “Everyday wear of kids” (happy homemade) . I was thinking about making this for months and then, during last KCW, Marisa, my blog friend made this.

But Marisa had a difficulty with finishing neck binding, she wrote “I found the binding instructions a bit confusing and am still not sure I did it the way the author intended (despite using an English version of the book!)”.

I thought now was the time to make this and figure out what made her confuse. So, I made this.


Well, the instruction was surely confusing, because there wasn’t much verbal instruction even in original Japanese version. But I could hardly figure out how to finish this neck binding, so I will write a post about that later (hopefully within this week).

I added the lining for the hoodie (the original one doesn’t have the lining)(thank you Marisa for mentioning that!)

Now let me talk about these adorable shorts. (This is front view) Cityshorts01

The pattern is The City Shorts by Another Dress. Good thing it’s FREE!

Though this is only for size100 (3T or 4T), A could still fit in (she just turned 5 last month).

(And this is back view)

I used the leftover flannel fabric from the lining of this coat. It is Amy Butler’s Love Flannel and I got it on sale somewhere.

Though in November it was still warm here today(though it will be cold from tomorrow morning) and A could play outside with this outfit. I thought she even didn’t need to wear this yellow leggings under the shorts.

I liked this pattern. Because they are shorts, it is easy and quick to sew. But they are enough stylish and practical with two pockets! Thank you, Monica!


Hope you guys had a good weekend.


Yes. A is one silly girl.

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Happy Sewing!


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