K is for Kimono (Sleeve)

If you’ve been following this blog, you might have noticed that I keep linking up some of my post to “Sew All 26” at no big dill.

I think I complete all alphabet sewing so far. Let’s take a look. Below is the list.

A is for Anchor and Applique

B is for Back and Bow

C is for Colorblock

D is for Dress (for a birthday girl)

E is for Emerald green

F is for Flapper

G is for Glitter

H is for Halloween

I is for Inapproriate

Phew! I already cleared 9 alphabets!

Well, actually I didn’t make new garments for new alphabets every week. I did some of them, and I just re-used some of my recent posts which had alpabet-related theme.

But I’m still bit proud of what I did so far. And here is this week one.

K is for Kimono (sleeve).


Please ignore some abstract shaped things on the wall right side of me 🙂 They were made by A and the theme was “fall leaves”. Oh yes. This is the first time I had a photoshoot in Kids’ room (so there were A’s crafts on the wall). I found in this season, the light from the window in this room during the afternoon was good for photoshoot.

And I also found out how to extend the legs of my tripod. I felt not so much awkward to have a photoshoot inside of the house than outside. So, that was not so torture-like for me this time.

Okay. Let’s talk about the garment.

I made this top for letter “K”. I didn’t have any idea for “K”. Since I am Japanese, I thought I would make something “Japanese” for “J” week (like using Japanese fabric or so), but I didn’t. And then, I came up with the idea of making “Kimono (sleeve)” for “K” week.


Pattern: From “Sweet Dress Book (affiliate)” (I used original Japanese version)

Fabric: vintage linen blend I got from an Etsy shop

I was thinking about making a tunic for A when I bought this fabric. When I decided to make this top, I immediately remembered this fabric. And I’m really glad I used this.

Actually, the pattern doesn’t exist. There is some measurement chart for some rectangle pieces in the book. I was surprised how simple it was making this top, but I liked the result.


Perfect for the layering (well, you can’t wear this without layering, maybe. ha). Enough fluttering. And super easy to make!

I really loved this pattern. I shortened both the lengths and widths of the patterns cause I was short. But next time, I will make it bit longer (to cover my butt, again).

Anyway, I’m glad I tried this pattern.

And. I have no idea for the next week letter, “L”. Any ideas?

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Happy Sewing!



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