Happy Homemade Hoodie (Woven Hoodie) Tutorial

Another Monday! Can’t believe we have only 10 days till Thansgiving.

This weekend, we didn’t have a nice weather here, so we just stayed in our house and already took our (fake) Christmas Tree from the box and decorated it. Already! Well, A wanted to do that. And last night before the bed time, sleepy T turned on and off the lights on the tree again and again endlessly….. Anyway, my kids are so ready for the holiday season. Already!

Today, I will share a tutorial. Yay, tutorial!

This is the tutorial to finish the neck binding of this hoodie.


The pattern for this hoodie is in this book Happy Homemade: Sew Chic Kids (I used original Japanese version) which was translated to English and is now available in English version.

As I wrote here, I made this hoodie to figure out why Marisa, my blog friend was confused with the neck binding. I could just send email to her about that. But since English version of this book is now available, I though this tutorial might be useful for some people.

And also, I think this can be applied if you want to make a hoodie with the woven fabric. If you have a knit hoodie pattern, you can add extra inches to the front neck line (like shown in the photo below) and make it with woven fabric using this tutorial.


Okay. Let’s get into the tutorial.

First, this hoodie pattern is for the woven fabric not for the knit fabric. So the neck opening is wide and it uses elastic casing on the front to make it fit.

I just write about the neck binding. I will skip before that step (from “sew the sleeves and body together” to “make a hood”).

Step.1 After making a hood, attach the hood to the neck opening.


I added the lining to the hood, so the yellow polka dot side is inside the hood. Pin the hood with the right side together to the neck opening and sew with 1cm(3/8 “) seam allowance.

Step.2 Sew the binding on the seam.

You should have the neck binding pieces cut, sewn and pressed (the length is little bit longer than the neckline and the width is 1/4″. And fold it twice and press). Then, sew it on the neck opening seam you just sewed. Pin the neck binding to the neck opening with the right side together (except the hood, the right side of the neck binding to the wrong side/lining of the hood) and sew with 0.7cm(1/4″) seam allowance.


Next, trim that seam you just sewed to 0.5cm (1/8″).

Step.3 Attach the elastic.

Turn the top wrong side out. You should have one 5cm(2″) lengths and 0.5cm(1/8″) widths elastic. Sew both ends of it on the front of the neck line.  Just below the stiched line and on the seam you sewed at Step.2.


Step.4 Finish the neck binding.

Cover the seam you sewed at Step.2 with the neck binding and edgestich on the binding. Also, cover the elastic you sewed at Step.3 with the binding. Stretch the elastic when you sew that area.


The photo above is what you have after finishing the binding.

And this is how it looks from the outside(right side).


Does it make sense? Hope so. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know!

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Happy Sewing and come back tomorrow for the fun outfit!


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