It’s All About the Lining

Guess what? It’s “L” week at Sew All 26 of no big dill!

So, I’m squeezing this outfit into “L” theme… and voila! It’s all about the “Lining”.


You see this so beautiful, comfy and soft faux fur fabric inside of this cape?


Actually, it’s not the lining cause I made this cape reversible. But let me say this is the lining 🙂

The cape pattern is from this Japanese Sewing Book, Hand-made Little Girl’s Clothes (Heart Warming Series) . The pattern has ears and I couldn’t resist the cuteness.

The outside fabric is the stretch velour and inside is the fake fur. I got both of the fabrics from JoAnn’s remnants rack. Again.

The original pattern closes with the leather tubs and the buttons, but I wanted this to be reversible so I sewed the loop between the outside and the inside fabric. And I sewed the fabric covered button on the outside. I didn’t sew the button inside yet. If I find coordinating button, I will add it to the inside.


I really love the cape. T wore the cape (hand me down from SIL) last winter and it was so stinkin’ cute. I was so determined to make some capes this fall/winter. So, I’m so glad I made this.


How adorable is this back style?

And the Ballon shorts pattern is from this Japanese Sewing Book, “a sunny spot” everyday clothes for littel girls .

I used another velour remnants from JoAnn.


You see how skinny A is. Right? I’ve been feeding her enough, though she might not look so.

These shorts are just so cute. I want her to wear this on some tights during winter.

And of course these shorts have secret fancy lining inside…


It coordinates with the small bow on the waist. Sweet little detail.


A is making a “heart” with her hands. L is for “Love” too.


Are you sewing along with Katy? It’s not too late to start now!

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Happy Sewing!


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