Girly Downton Duffle Coat

It has been busy around here and A had a fever last morning (well, she got much better as you can see from the photos below). I could hardly finish some of my to do before Thanksgiving list.

We are going to Great Smokey Mountain this Thanksgiving holidays (for not familiar with that name, it is the national park in the US) and it seems to be cold there(and has been cold here too), I wanted to make things for the cold weather.

So. I made another Downton Duffle Coat (pattern by Peek-a-Boo pattern shop/affiliate link) for A. You can see my first one HERE.


This time, I did a little bit of “FLIP”. I made a “girly” version of Downton Duffle.

I copied A’s old coat.


This is from French fashion brand, Cacharel and I just bought this at a garage sale. I really liked the details on this coat and thought I would copy these details on Downton Duffle. 

The shapes of the pockets…


The front yokes…


And I used the fabric covered buttons instead of the toggles. And this was difinitely the most tirckiest part of this coat. Because the fabric was thick, it was just so hard to make the fabric covered buttons. I was almost to give up, but I didn’t have enough toggles and A got sick so I didn’t have another option.

I really loved the result. It’s worth it.


The outer fabric is actually the upholstery fabric I found in JoAnn’s Red Tag sale rack. It is thick but much easier to deal with than the one I used with the first one (it was really thick wool). The texture of the right side of this fabric was really soft like the vellvet or the suede and I really liked it.

The lining is the plaid flannel. I got this from Denver Fabrics. It is not so thick but since the outer fabric is thick, I didn’t think it needed to be so thick.


I really love this pattern. If you are afraid to jump into the world of sewing “COAT”, no problem! Well, I don’t say “no” problem, you need to be careful and maybe need to do some re-sew.


But. I made these two coats. Yes. I could do it! I started sewing only a year ago. I don’t say it is super easy, but it is not so hard as it looks. You should give it a try.

And. Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop is having Black Fiday Sale! Well, I know it is not Friday yet, but it is starting already!


  • Save 25% on any purchase with the code “Jolly25”
  • Save 40% on any purchase of 5 or more patterns with the code “Jolly40”
  • The sale ends Saturday at midnight on 11/30

This is the opportunity for you to grab some patterns you wanted!

Click here to visit Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. (affiliate link)

Click here to view Downton Duffle Coat pattern. (affiliate link)


And. If you are wondering about A’s dress peaking out from the bottom of her coat… I will post about it soon with an exciting news!

Happy Thanksgiving!!



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