M is for Merry

I finished A’s Holiday dress.


There were many things I didn’t know before I came to the US three years ago.

Dressing children with seasonal clothes on occasions like Valentine’s day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas was one of them.

Last December, I decided to make matching holiday dresses for my girls and bought a sewing machine. That was how I started sewing. (You can read more about that HERE)

And this year, I made another holiday dress.


I used another $1 dress from thrift store (you can see more $1 dress refashion HERE and HERE). I wanted to make another Sally dress with this red velvet fabric, but I didn’t have enough yardage. I gave up making Sally dress but I really wanted to use this fabric so I changed my plan.

I decided to make this dress which I pinned a while ago.


Because the velvet fabric is used for only the top, I thought I would have enough yardage. I used Japanese Sewing Book to make a pattern. And luckily, I just had enough yardage to make the top of this dress.


I used the side seam of original dress for the back seam. I ripped off a few inches from top and made the back opening.


I sewed a button loop and a vintage button which came with this treasure I got at World’s Longest Yard Sale.


The skirt fabric is from JoAnn’s remnant rack (AGAIN). I’m not sure how to call this fabric. It is not so thick. I liked this textured look.

And I’m so glad I could link this dress up to Project Run And Play Holiday Dress Link Party. Tomorrow is the last day… I said I was the last minute sewer. You see it?


I love these puffed sleeves. They are not gathered at the arm seams but gathered at the cuffs. I think it is one of the particular styles of Japanese Sewing Patterns. Isn’t it?

And as you see, M is this week’s letter of “Sew All 26” at no big dill.


And I say. M is for Merry.

Merry Sewing!


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