Reindeer T-shirts and tweed skirts

I made another Holiday outfits for my girls.


Last week, I finished A’s holiday dress (you can read about it HERE). But after finishing it, I thought “Hmm… maybe she needs more casual holiday outfit”.

I had plain white T-shirts for A which I bought at Target thiking about adding some embelishments. And also I had a red plain T-shirt for T which I got at local thrift store also thinking about adding some embelishments for HOLIDAY.

I decided to make holiday T-shirts. Actually, I had wanted to do some fabric paint for a while. I had seen some awesome fabric paint projects here and there and had been admired them. I was to do some during Summer and bought some fabric paints.

Well, I did. I made a T-shirt for A using potatoes as stamps (you can read about it HERE). But that’s it. I didn’t go any further.

This time, I decided to do a freezer paper print. I had pinned this for some time and thought it perfect for this project.

You can find great tutorials for freezer pater print everywhere on craft blogs. But in case you don’t want to search, this is what I did.

First, I printed out the image. Second I placed a freezer paper on printed image and traced it onto the freezer paper. Then, I cut out the shilouette of the deer with X-act knife.

Next, I ironed the freezer paper stencil on a t-shirt, put a piece of cardboard inside a t-shirt and applied fabric paint on it.

 That’s it. You just need to wait until it gets dry.

Wow. It was easy. And fun. Really fun. Why I didn’t do this before?

And how is this finished project? Cool, isn’t it?


I used a gold fabric paint on A’s white t-shirt and white glitter one on T’s red t. I thought A’s was better cause it was clearer, but A said “I wanted that glitter one…” Uh-oh.


After finishing two t-shirts, I still had time cause it was so quick and easy. So I decided to make bottoms which go with these Ts.

I used a skirt pattern from this Japanese Sewing Book,“SWEET GIRLS CLOTHES” for A’s.


It is an A-line skirt with gathered pockets panels but the pockets didn’t get much gathered look.


And for T’s skirt, I just made a simple gathered skirt. I cut two rectangles for the front and back skirt pieces and a waistband. Then I sewed them together and put elastic through the waistband.

I used a tweed fabric which I found in JoAnn’s remnant rack. Yes. Again. And I added gold rickrack on the hem to make them little bit more festive. 

This was really quick, easy and simple project. But I got really satisfied with the results. Now I’m thinking about what to print on some plain t-shirts waiting in my stash…


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