Little House Ornament (Crafty Christmas)

Today I’m taking part of Crafty Christmas series of Nap Time Creations.

I made these little house ornaments. And these ornaments are also for Ornament Exchange hosted by True Bias. I’m receiving some wonderful handmade ornaments from my group members. I will write a post about them later.


I used this wonderful free pattern and tutorial of Retro Mama and added some Christmas touches. So, I will write a tutorial about what I added to original version.

I skip all the steps of original version, so please read original tutorial first (HERE).

First thing I added is the wreath on the door.


I cut a donut shape with green fabric. I drafted a pattern with a thread spool for the outer circle and a small button for the inner circle.

In the original one, you need to sew two stich lines for the door and the window, outline and inside line. But this wreath is too small to sew two stiches, I just did one stich just a little bit inside the edge.


Then, sewed this ribbon which I found at JoAnn.


The original one has a plain back, I decided to make the back side inside the house. 


With a christmas tree and presents under that.

I drafted a pattern for christmas tree. I used a green felt for the tree.

I attached Heat’N Bond, cut it and ironed it to the house fabric.

For the presents, I cut 4 rectangles with sides varied from 1″ to 1 1/4″.

For the ribbon on the presents, I used three different materials.


This brown polka dot ribbon is made with a fabric piece with Heat’N Bond on the wrong side.


This gold one is a gold rickrack. I cut two pieces, long one and short one. I folded a short one into V shape and sewed it upon the present box. Then, sewed long one across the present box. (I handstiched them)


This red ribbon is 3/8″ ribbon. I cut two pieces.Cut the both edges of one piece into V shape and folded into V shape. And sewed it upon present box. For the other one, I attached Heat’N Bond and ironed it across the box.

After attaching the presents and ribbons on the house fabric with Heat’N Bond, I stiched a little bit inside of the edges to secure.

Then, I added ornaments on the tree which came from my daughter’s beads collection. The star on the top of the tree is the button I found at JoAnn.

After finishing embelishment on both sides, I followed the instructions of the original tutorial to sew them together and finish.


Actually, I made seven of these. One for our house’s tree and six for the exchange. And I noticed I forgot to take photos of them all together after I wrapped up three of them… Orz

It took a little time to make, but it sure was fun. This was my first time to make ornaments and I’m sure I will make another one (welll, different one) next year!

And I’m also glad that I could bust (a little bit of) my fabric stash by making these ornaments! I bought only ribbons on the wreath and star shaped buttons to make them.

Thank you for stopping by. Make sure to check out another great crafts (and giveaways!) for christmas on Nap-Time Creations.

Crafty Christmas

And thank you for organizing this fun event, Kelli!

Happy Sewing!


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