Color your Debbie’s Birthday Dress

Phew! It’s almost the end of 2013! I was out for vacation for a week.

How was your Christmas? Our family enjoyed it.

And this is my last project for 2013. Well, I was away from sewing machine and really want to sew, now. So I will work on another project but won’t be able to post about it.

So. This is my last project for 2013.


I will write a post wrapping up this whole year hopefully. So, I make it short here.

I started blogging from 2013 May. Since then, I (virtually) met many sewing buddies and have been fascinated by their creativities and kindness.

The story behind this dress is like this.

Have you seen this fabric? I bet so. It has been appearing on sewing blog world since this October or so. At first, I sew this fabric on Welcome to the Mouse House. I thought it was awesome, but didn’t think I would buy it.

Then, I sew it again on Eat. Sleep. Make. I was well, kind of a friend with Jen, since I had made her Sienna top (you can see it HERE). I commented on her post and said “I want this fabric but nearest IKEA is two hours away” kind of things.

Can you guess what happened?

Super kind Jen asked me that she would buy that fabric for me and send me that.

What? How people could be so kind?

Yes. In this sewing community, it could happen.

So, I, of course said yes please. Jen went to IKEA next week and send this to me (of course, I paid for it, BTW).

Wow. That’s the only thing I can say. Wow.

I wanted this fabric to use for the gift for A’s friend. She was one of A’s best friend but her father was transferred and her family would move to Texas this fall. When I read Jen’s post, I thought this fabric would make perfect gift for her.

I was thinking about making matching skirts for A and her friend. But after I had received that fabric, I started thinking about other possibility.

If it become a skirt, it would be gathered at the waist and I thought it would make it difficult to color for 4-5 yrs old girls.

Well, maybe I was thinking too much. Anyway, I decided to make a dress, A-line dress. And I had a perfect pattern for that, Debbie’s Birthday Dress.

In case if you don’t know about that pattern, it is a pattern released by Suz of Sewpony. It’s classic A-line style dress and has cute options like peter pan collar.

So, the fabric was washed and dried. The pattern was printed, cut and assembled. I just didn’t have time to start this project until I finished A’s holiday dress or my ornaments for exchange or so.


It was really quick to sew. I omitted front lace but added piping instead. And as you know, piping makes everything better 🙂

I made two dresses, one for A’s friend and one for A. Though I couldn’t make it for Christmas gift, it will be great gift, this dress and fabric marker set.

After I finished this, we had crazy busy days and vacation, so A doesn’t finish coloring. I will show colored dress on her when finished.


She’s working on it!

I will write a post wrapping up 2013 tomorrow. Stay tuned!


One thought on “Color your Debbie’s Birthday Dress

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