2013 Favorites

Some places on this planet already had a new year, I know. Isn’t it fascinating? We don’t yet. We still have more than 12 hours.

I started blogging in May. So it’s not yet one whole year. But only in these 7 months, I had so much fun, both in blogging (and making new friends around the world!) and sewing. I just want to look back my sewing adventure of 2013.

Here is some favorites from my sewing for my kids, A and T.


Top (left to right): Green Knit Dress, Flipped Bubble Pocket Shorts, Flipped Recess Raglan Dress
Middle: Refashioned Vintage Romper, Super Totes, Sally Dresses
Bottom: All About Lining Outfit, Downton Duffle Coats, Merry Dress

Next up is some favorites from sewing for me.


Top left: Border Washi
Clockwise from top right: Anthro Knockoff Skirt, NaniIro Dress, Coffee Date Dress,
Kimono Sleeve Top, Tsuru Tova Top

That was fun to look back all of my 2013 sewing. I remembered how I felt and what I thought when I sewed these garments. What was your favorite?

My 2014 resolution is… “Not buy new fabric. Bust my fabric stash”. Hope it continues (or should I buy as much as possible in 2013!?)…

Happy New Year!


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