The Julia Cardigan and 2014 Resolutions

This is my first finished project 2014 and it IS for me!


The pattern is Julia Cardigan from Mouse House Creation and I LOVE this pattern!

When I saw this pattern in last December, I couldn’t help buying it. It looked so versatile and I hadn’t seen this kind of pattern in my size.

So I bought the pattern, print it, cut it, assembled it and even cut the fabric in 2013. Already. Yes, in 2013! I was thinking about making this as my last projectof 2013 but I just didn’t have enough time and was too tired after all the holiday hustles.

And so. I made this for my first project of 2014.


I bought this fabric at JoAnn a while ago. I was thinking about making Bimaa top for A, but isn’t this perfect for this cardigan? And I still have some leftovers…

I made XS, but maybe next time I can make a bigger size. XS fits perfect for me, but I wanted to layer cause it is so cold right now. For warmer weather, it is ok to make XS again, I think.


And I made my 2014 resolutions.

1. Bust my fabric stash. Not buy fabrics (at least when not in need).

2. Make garments using the patterns I already have as much as possible.

3. Improve photography.If you know any good way to do this, please let me know!

4. Keep healthy. Walk around my house (our house is on VERY hilly street so it is enough just walk around) at least twice a week.

Hmmm… I ALREADY bought some fabrics for some project.. but well, they were in need. And it has been unbelievably cold here right now, so I didn’t walk this week yet…

Hope these resolutions last for a while. Ha! We’ll see!

Anyway, Happy New Sewing Year!


2 thoughts on “The Julia Cardigan and 2014 Resolutions

  1. Jenya says:

    Great cardi and great resolutions!

  2. […] here! Yes. I made another Julia Cardigan! (I had made one last winter and you can read about it here) Last time I made it, I didn’t have a serger, but now I have it. Last time I made it, I […]

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