Secret Squirrel Mission #7 Sew Along (and PR&P week #1)

Though it was freezing cold (and it really was FREEZING. we had icicles on out house’s  windows)  last week, we eventually had a gorgeous weekend here in AL. We could have fun at the zoo and playground without our jackets.

And I was also so glad that I could have a photoshoot for this outfit outside.

This is my second time to sew along for Secret Squirrel sewing series hosted by Sewpony and Straightgrain. (You can see my first sew-along creation HERE)

You can read all about Secret Squirrel here. Secret Squirrel was at While She Was Sleeping last month and last month’s 5 acorns were:


1. St. Basil’s Cathedral 2. snowflake 3. buttons 4.Harry Connick Jnr. 5. ‘A long time ago’

And this is my outfit incorporationg ALL FIVE ACORNS! Phew! Impressive! Right!? 🙂


1. St. Basil’s Cathedral

So. The first acorn was St. Basil’s Cathedral. I’d never heard the name of this cathedral, so I googled and found out this fabulous architecture.


WOW. Isn’t this amazing? It looks like a “wonderland castle” for me. So unique and fun. Of course I was impressed with its domes and patterns on them.

And that was just after these five acorns had been published, this dress pattern was released. Belinda Dress (by Go To Patterns).

I thought this was the perfect pattern to imitate the dome of St. Basil’s Cathedral. I searched for the perfect fabric and found this stripe cotton spandex knit fabric on Girl Charlee.


Perfect. Isn’t it? I bought this fabric and Belinda Dress pattern before I knew Secret Squirrel decided not to come to my place…

Anyway, I really wanted to sew along, so I did it.

I used this stripe fabric on bias and made the dome of St. Basil’s Cathedral. I (almost) perfectly matched these stripes on the side and made chevron effect. This balloon shaped skirt is perfectly dome-ish, isn’t it? 🙂


I omitted gathering on the shoulder seams, cause the dress was bit big and those gathered shoulders looked gigantic on A.

And since I didn’t use rib knit for the neckband, I made a back opening and a button closure.


I also added small button tubs on both pockets using same buttons (these buttons came from thrifted Forever21 top).


Yes. I cleared one more acorn on this dress. 3. buttons. Done.

Next up is the leggings. Snowflake stamped Go To Leggings.


The pattern is Go To Leggings. I had this pattern and had sewn once. If you have never sewn leggings, you should try. Because it is EASY. PEASY. A is super skinny, so she can still fit in maybe 2T leggings, but the length is too short. I made this one using 3T width and 4T lengths (I would make 5T length but just forgot about that and used same length as the last time…) and fit perfect on her.

First I stamped the snowflakes on the fabric. I made a snowflake stamp myself. I tried to do freezer paper stencil, but the shape of snowflake was too small for that method. I had this (Speedball 6-Inch by 12-Inch Speedy-Carve Block/ affiliate link) in my hand so I a made snowflake stamp from it.

I mixed matte white and glitter white fabric paint. I just eyeballed and stamped. I tried to make the shape of snowflake as simple as it could be, but it was still small shape and was hard to stamp clearly. I got better at stamping at last and it was fun. I loved freezer paper stencil, and now I’m in love with stamping fabric… these reminded me of the art classes at the school when I was a child 🙂


Now, 2. snowflake done.

Okay. I already incorporated three of these five acorns and I have two more left, 4.Harry Connick Jnr. and 5. ‘A long time ago’ and I incorporated them in this faux-fur vest.


Let me strat with 5. ‘A long time ago’. Take a look at the lining of this vest.


This fabric came from my mom’s scarf which she was using in her young days like… 40-50 yrs ago? Isn’t it kind of “A Long time ago”? My mom gave me a birth when she was around 35, so she is old now (though she is really healthy and is working almost full time still now).

That fabric is very soft, looks like velvet and has flower like hand-embroideries. And that scarf was made in JAPAN which is very hard to find for our clothes in these days.

I used this as the lining and made a faux fur vest using Suz’s tutorial. Why a faux fur vest?


I found this Harry Connick Jr.’s family picture when I was searching for the image of him. You see one of his daughter wearing a faux fur vest? Ooh La La!

The faux fur fabric is from and it is VERY soft. A liked this really much. After this photoshoot we went to the playground and she didn’t want to take the vest off. Well, I understand. I want to make something for me with this fabric!

So. I incorporated all five acorns. Finally. And I’m glad this outfit is totally wearable for everyday life of 5 yrs old girl (it was proven already to be wearable even at the playground).

And I also add this outfit for the sew-along of Project Run And Play. This week’s theme is “Winter Wonderland” and don’t you think this is perfect for that? Well, maybe.


Thanks for reading such a looooong post! I’ll be back with some sewing for me later this week.

Happy Sewing!



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