Plantain Noir

Do you know Deer & Doe?

It’s an independent women clothes pattern maker from France.

I have adored some of its patterns. So, when the sewing contest for their latest FREE pattern, Plantain, was announced on its blog, I couldn’t help joining in the fun.


 Plantain is a T-shirt pattern and it is FREE. Yes, FREE. I can’t say loud enough it is FREE. And after finishing my first one, I have to say this pattern is AWESOME.


I used a sweatshirt fleece (from JoAnn’s remnants rack:)). I should have go up one size, but I didn’t. Because most of the patterns run big on me even in their smallest sizes. But this one was different. This fitted me very well, well, it was even bit tight with not so stretchy fabric. But this tee is yet so comfy and I’m totally in love with this pattern. I really liked a bit flared line of the sides.

Because I used sweatshirt fleece, I made a neckband longer than the original pattern. In these pictures, I didn’t sew hems of sleeves and body yet. I kind of like this rolled hems, but after some laundries, I may need to hem.

I didn’t make any big changes to the original pattern. To add a little fun to this simple black tee, I sewed the lace elbow patches.


I will sew some more Plantains during this contest, hopefully.

The contest is until January 31st. So, why don’t you join the fun? And did I say that Plantain pattern is FREE? Looking forward to seeing your Plantain!

And I’m adding this post to Sew All 26:N at no big dill. N is for “Noir”. Voila! Well, actually I couldn’t think of any good English words start with “N” 🙂

Happy Sewing!



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