Lorraine Dress from Back to the Future (PR&P Week#2 Sewalong)

Back to the Future is my all time favorite movie. It was released when I was around 10 (Oops, you can now guess how old I am!). It was the first movie for me that made me think “watching movie is really fun!”. I don’t remember where I watched this movie first, at the theater or on TV. But it doesn’t matter, I loved it.

So for this week’s theme of Project Run and Play, “Let’s Go to the Movies”, I made this dress.


Do you remember the dress Lorraine was wearing at the Prom? Lorraine is mom of Marty. And this dress appeared in the past scene when she was still a young girl and had not met her future husband yet. I didn’t remember the dress clearly, but had blurred image of it in my memory. I googled and found these pics.


Lorraine2 Lorraine3

It’s a strapless dress with circle skirt. The colors used in this dress are pink and salmon pink. The top bodice and a part of the skirt is layered with tule like fabric, but I omitted that. And of course, since my 2 yrs old daughter doesn’t have any kind of boobs :), I needed to add strap to the dress to prevent it fall down.

I used a Ginger Dress pattern of Violet Field Thread. Though the pattern features a gathered skirt, I changed it to a circle skirt to copy Lorraine’s dress. Other than that, I followed original pattern and instruction.


How cute is this back style?

The fabric is seersucker gingham which I used for making a woven hoodie for A (You can see it HERE). I wanted to use pink solid fabric for the collar, but I didn’t have any in my hand, so I used white fabric instead.


(Don’t ask me why she had a soccer ball. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY SHE WANTED TO HAVE IT.)

I also made a cardigan to go with it using my top.


And I ended up to give up taking pics of her wearing cardigan after taking a pic above. It was impossible. She was kind of sick and was not cooperative at all this time. 2 yrs old!


But at least you can see the cuteness of this dress even on this grumpy 2 yrs old girl. Right?


And I really think that’s enough to sew for 2 yrs old…. for a while 🙂

Happy Sewing!



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