Before KCW part.1

So. It is Day2 of KCW.

And I’m working on another clothes for my kids, but here, I’d like to share sewing for me which I finished last week (cause I couldn’t finish another kids clothes yet either write a post about sewing for me last week).


I made Penelope pepulum top, new ladies pattern from seekatesew. I made XS and shortened bodice about 1 inch or so and I think this fits me perfectly.

The fabric is from Girl Charlee and I really love this one (though they are all sold out now). It is grey knit and has tiny gold dots all over it.


Kate recently released add-on pack for this pattern and with it you can make a penelope dress! I couldn’t help buying add-on pack and have been dreaming about making a dress…

And one more thing, I got a remote for my camera! Yay! IT IS WONDERFUL. Taking pics of myself was so torture for me, but now, it is not any more! I used a remote for the first time in this photoshoot and I even had a kind of fun! I knew many of bloggers recommended to get a remote to take self pics, but didn’t think it was this revolutionary.


Sorry for taking same pose on all the pics… well, I definitely need to make a progress on posing next…

Will come back with another clothes for kids hopefully or more sewing for me (finished but not blogged yet)!

Happy sewing!


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