Before KCW part.2 (and a story about snow in Al)

It’s Day3 of KCW. What? Already?

I couldn’t finish anything new today because of all the mess due to snow.

Yes. Snow.

We live in Alabama, southern state of the US. We had snow yesterday about … 2 inches (5cm)?

And it, only 2 inches of snow made our town into “Armageddon” (this was on FB page of our town’s newspaper as the word of the rescuerer).

Well, even if not “Armageddon” it really was a disaster. In the morning, it wasn’t snowing yet and it was said we wouldn’t have much snow in our town. So school opened as usual and I dropped off my kids at their school. On the way home, it started snowing and got harder and harder. All the schools in the town decided to close and I was said to pick up my kids earlier than usual.

I tried but I couldn’t get there. My kids’ school is only 10 min away from our home by car but there are so many hills around here. When I was to go to their school, there were already some cars abondoned on those hills and my car slipped on one of those hills.

I gave up driving to school and waited for my hubby to come home. He had gone to work in the middle of the night before so he was to come home early. He came home driving 5 hours for the distance which took 40min usually.

Then, more and more cars abondoned on the hilly roads around our house and some cars got wrecked. We saw highways completely jammed with running cars, abondoned cars and wrecked cars on TV. My kids’ school decided to spend a night with kids whose parents couldn’t make it to school. And I and my hubby decided not to go there.

So. My kids spent one night at their school. This morning, it was still freezing cold but we saw sun came out so snow started melting. We decided to walk to their school to pick them up. It takes only 10 min by car, but google map said it would take 1 hour 20min to walk there.

We packed water, snacks, chocolate milk, diapers and blanket. My hubby pushed double stroller and we started walking at about 11. Some roads on our route were clear and some were messy with wrecked cars. We have a small river below the hill we live and we saw three cars fell into that river.

It took 1 hour and 40min, but we could make it to their school. We were the last parents to pick up kids and so generously, the pastor of that church which owns their school gave us a ride to our home.

We got home at about 2:30. We, our family were together after one separated night, but I felt like it was much longer than one night. It was silent and I could sleep peacefully not disturbed by my kids but I missed them.

So. This is a story behind today’s post. And that’s why I’m writing about sewing for me which was done before KCW started, again.


Okay. This is another Plantain. Plantain is a free t-shirt pattern which is provided by indie French pattern maker, Deer&Doe. I already made one (you can see it HERE) and really loved this pattern. So I decided to make another one.


This time, I did a bit of modification. I added a peterpan collar and lengthened the top to the tunic length.

I just lengthened the sides of body but it looked just cute, so I didn’t change the line. I used a jersey fabric with tiny stripes for the main fabric. Well, actually, it is a Target sheet 🙂 I used grey interlock leftover from A’s leggings for the collar and the elbow patch.


I really love this tunic. So comfortable and yet has a feminine touch. I want to make more… Deer&Doe also has a tutorial to make a dress with this pattern on its blog and it is cute!

Okay. That’s it. I don’t think many kids clothes sewing is coming this KCW because my kids’ school isn’t opening until next Monday. We just going to stay at home since my car is still below the hill and I don’t think I can climb this hill with it right now.

Happy Sewing… hopefully!



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