Sheer Plaid Top

And it’s KCW Day 5 today. Right?

And I’m writing a post about sewing for me, again.

I recently had a chance to test an awesome new pattern, Sheer Plaid Top by  SergerPepper.


I fell in love with this pattern when I sew this image on Irene’s blog post of tester call. I loved the boxy shape and versatality that it could be worn over long sleeve tops.

I chose this mini ruffled sweater knit fabric which I found in JoAnn’s remnants rack to sew this top. On the way to finish the top, I thought it might have been a wrong decision to use this fabric for this top. But when I finished, I thought I won ๐Ÿ™‚


It is not so airy, but enough drapy. And of course this can be worn over the turtleneck top. Actually, I am now wearing this top on a black turtleneck sweater.


You can see some other variation of the fabric to make this top on Irene’s blog. I was amazed by other testers’ creations. Testing process was so much fun.

I will definitely make another version of this top for upcoming warmer season.

Irene released this pattern today and she’s offering this for only $2.90! So, go grab the pattern and sew as many variations as you can imagine ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks, Irene! And Happy Sewing, everyone! 



One thought on “Sheer Plaid Top

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