KCW Day.8? Briar Rose Smock

So. Is KCW over? Already? Well, maybe, but I don’t care. I finished my last project for this KCW (well, there were some more on my list but let’s forget about it).


I started cutting fabric last afternoon and sewed a little bit during T’s nap. Of course I couldn’t finish it during her nap. So I woke up early this morning and finished it.

And this morning before my kids went to school, I took pics in our garage when T was playing with new playset which we got from our Japanese friend who would soon go back to Japan.


The main fabric is of course, as you see, Briar Rose collection by Heather Ross. I bought this and pink calico knit from this collection last year. I made A’s dress with that knit (you can see it HERE) and really loved it. This is my second time to sew with Briar Rose fabric and I fell in love with it, again.


The print is beautiful, the color is gorgeous and the texture is so soft.

I used a free Briar Rose Smock pattern which was on Heather Ross website. But I had a difficulty to figure out what to do with the instruction. It said “See image.1” but I didn’t see any images on the instruction either on the website.

The side seams are finished with french seams. Isn’t it bit too gorgeous for kid’s smock? Well, it looks good, though. In the instruction, it said to make buttonholes on the pockets and front facing, but I didn’t want to do that. So I just sewed the buttons on the pockets and sewed the snaps inside and added the buttons outside of the front facing.


The contrast fabric is the leftover from this project and it is Glimma by Lotta Jansdotter. I love this fabric too. And the combination turned out awesome, didn’t it?

That’s it for KCW this time. I’m hoping winter is soon over and spring come here. Don’t you feel the scent of spring from this top?

Happy Sewing!


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