Shades of Me sew-along: Shades of Pink

Have you been following “Shades of Me“? No? You HAVE TO!

Shades of Me is a sewing series hosted by Welcome to the Mouse House and petite a petite + family, it is all about sewing for yourself and it is also all about color themed outfit. They are having beautiful guets posts and I have been inspired. And came up with this outfit: Shades of Pink.


Sorry about showing the remote 😦 My husband always says to me, “you should wear some more bright colors”. And if you’ve been follwing this blog, you’ve been seeing some grey and black shades of me lately. Well, tome, it feels like more difficult to wear birght colors in a proper way than just wear grey and black clothes all the time. Don’t you feel so? So, this was really great challenge for me.

There is a long story behind the scene of sewing this outfit. If you are not interested in, just pass next paragraph. If you are following me on Instagram, you might know that story, aka. tragedy.

I was to make pink themed outfit for this sew along (cause it would also fit with ProjectSewn’s theme), and I chose a pattern from Japanese Sewing Book and also chose a fabric from my stash. It was tough to get started tracing Japanese sewing pattern as always since they didn’t include seam allowances, but one night I decided to work with it and started. It was a simple top so it didn’t take much to trace, I finished tracing, added seam allowances and cut the pattern from tracing paper. I was satisfied with the result and refer to the book for the instruction. Then, I noticed. I had made another pattern. Since they were similar, I traced another top’s pattern. OMG. I thought about making that top (which I made a pattern by mistake), but it wouldn’t match my choice of fabric. If I make that top, I would choose shades of blue.That’s how I failed to sew a top from Japanese sewing book. I decided not to make it this time and changed my plan. I’d been wanted to make a Grainline’s scout tee with long sleeves and I also had a fabric in my mind for that. I decided to make it cause that fabric in my mind was kind of pink. I started making a scout tee, during the first step, sewing a shoulder seam, I ripped off the seam twice. First I sewed them wrong sides together, second I sewed the right shoulder of the front with the left shoulder of the back. Everything went wrong that night… because I was drinking second bottle of beer while sewing… I stopped sewing just after finishing one shoulder seam after ripping it off twice. And that’s what I learned from that night, stop drinking alcohol while you sew.

Anyway, I could finish my second scout tee and this time with long sleeves. This is my second time to make a scout tee (you can see my first one HERE) and I loved this pattern. East to sew and easy to customize. I definitely need some more scouts.


Actually I wanted the sleeves to be longer, but I still love this. I used Jen’s tutorial on grainline blog to change sleeve length.

The fabric is Lydia by Alexander Henry and this color is caled “chocolate”. This is cotton lawn and has really soft texture and I love it. I don’t know where I bought this and it seems like not so many place is handling this any more.

And the skirt is Everyday Skirt pattern from Liesl + Co. I used Essex Linen blend for the fabric (I think the color is black). I really liked this pattern, easy to sew, cute to wear and so versatile. I will definitely make some more everyday skirt in other type of fabric upcoming spring and summer, again. I made this skirt a while ago and was not intended to use in pink outfit, so it didn’t have any pink. But I like the coordination of this top and skirt.

I used XS and shrtened the length but went too far. Isn’t it too short?


Hmm… it needs some more pink, doesn’t it? Well, at least I thought so and made an infinity scarf.


It was super easy to make, it took about only 5 min or so. I just cut this flannel fabric 18″ wide from selvedge to selvedge, folded it RST, long sides together and sewed. Then, sewed two open sides together to make a tube.

The fabric is from Denver fabric which I bought some flannel from, thinking about making pjs and … not made yet. This is really soft flannel and perfect to make an infinity scarf (and pjs :)). I had been thinking about making an infinity scarf and since it was super easy, I will definitely make some more, once again.

And to show my respect for Hayley, I took this picture of me.


This is me. I don’t like, really hate to be taken pics. I am bad at modelling. But it’s me.

Have a fun weekend!


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