Louisa meets Swing skirt

I’m sure you know about Compagnie.M, but what about its first sewing contest?

Marte is having her first sewing contest on her blog. I love her classic and simple patterns. I have some of her patterns and really wanted to join the contest. Finally, I finished this.


As you might already have seen from the title of this post, this dress is a mix of two patterns: Louisa dress and Swing skirt.

I used the body of Louisa dress and cut it a few inches below the armholes. And I used Swing skirt pattern for the skirt, extended it to the desired length. Since I knew the pocket is the key feature of these patterns, so wanted to add it to my dress, I thought of some options, but ended up adding the faux pocket tubs just below the waist line. I also sewed buttons on them.


And I also used same buttons on the back closure. I omitted an invisible zipper and changed it to the button and the loops. Well, I was just… not in the mood for the zipper and I thought it would be better for the dress for 2 years old.


The fabric of the body is that I bought at The Great Fabric Destash (you can read about it more on HERE). It is the fabric designed by Japanese designer, Kayo Horaguchi. I didn’t know about her at all when I bought this fabric I just fell in love with the design and when it arrived to me, I was amused by its beauty.


The base color is dark brown and there are some mysterious and magical creatures painted in vivid colors. But it is not too busy at all. I only had a fat quater and a piece which was almost same as a fat quater. I thought this fabric was perfect to make Louisa dress but I didn’t have enough yardage.

Then, the idea of making a dress using both Louisa dress and Swing skirt came to me. I thought about the high waist version (this one) and the low waist version, and I thought the high waist version would look cute on toddlers while the low waist version would look cute on older girls. So I made this dress for my two years old girl, T.

The skirt fabric is Essex linen. I had this fabric for a while thinking about making some simple shaped dress. I tried some fabrics to match with the body fabric and this was the best.


I really love both of the pattern and I’m sure I will make both in their original versions in near future 🙂


Why is she wearing the mittons? Well, it was freezing cold outside today… was like 37F (0C)? And she wanted to wear them. How could I stop that determined two years old? But anyway, doesn’t this dress look super cute on this toddler girl?


And it is perfect for a tricycle ride.

You can see so many great creations of Compagnie.M patterns HERE on its blog and you can even cast some votes for your favorite!

Happy Sewing!

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