Nituna Jacket

First thing first… I entered my Louisa-meets-Swing-skirt-dress to the Compagnie.M’s sewing contest. You have until Thursday 20th to vote for your favorite HERE, so go and vote for me 🙂 well, if you like that dress!

Done. So I made Nituna Jacket which was on my KCW list. I already cut fabric but just didn’t have time during KCW.


I got this pattern in SewFab pattern bundle last fall and had been wanted to make one. I saw some great versions on internet and was so excited to make mine.

The main fabric is from Kokka and it is canvas? kind of? I’m not sure. I bought this on sale of some online fabric shop like Fabricworm or so. It looks bit hard but actually it has soft texture and I love it.

I used a sherpa fabric which I found at JoAnn’s red tag rack for the lining. I thought about making it with more light spring-y fabric, but I couldn’t help using this combination. Isn’t it perfect?

Sewing this jacket was fun, except the welt pockets. I have read Meg’s post about Nituna Jacket and her “welt pockets meltdown” and this was my very-first-time-in-my-life to sew the welt pockets, I was bit nervous. And as Meg said, I couldn’t figure out what to do from the instruction of this pattern, either. Finally, I modified the pattern and used my Japanese sewing book for the reference and made them.

Well, isn’t it so bad as the very-first-time-in-my-life attempt?


I also had tough time with sewing buttonholes. The seam was too thick to use the buttonhole foot so I sewed them manually using zigzag stiches. Phew!


Anyway, I love how it turned out. T is already growing out of her duffle coat which I made this winter, so this will be her new jacket. It has some room to grow for her, so hopefully she can wear this next fall.



Now she’s running away.

Happy Sewing!

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  1. […] used a canvas fabric from kokka for the main fabric. It was the leftover of T’s Nituna Jacket. The essex linen (the leftover of A’s pants) inside the bag (shown above). Thrifted placemat […]

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