So. Some of you who are following me on other social media might know, I’ve been sick and had been in hospital from last Friday till Monday.

It was sooo sudden and none of our family members knew about my disease. And it changed my whole world. I need to have treatments from now. And since I have possibility to have seizures, I can’t drive a car for a half year.

I don’t remember anything, but I had two seizures during Thursday night. When I woke up in Friday morning, I had a bad headache. I went to ER with my husband and soon was to be hospitalized. I even spent one night in ICU, had MRI and CT. And was diagnosed as AVM.

I and my husband had never heard of that diagnosis and didn’t know anything about that disease. It is malformation of the blood vessel in the brain and has a danger to bleed so it needs to be treated.

Now I’ve been having medicine to prevent seizures and it makes me sleepy and dizzy. I’m getting a little bit better and better. Other than unable to drive a car, I’m trying to make my life back to normal. And it includes sewing. I haven’t sewn after that till now and am really missing it. But it is really hard for me to stay up late now, it won’t be same as before.

It will be much slower than before but I sure will sew and blog about it because it is very important part of my life now. And I JUST LOVE IT.

I will go to hospital next Tuesday and have more concrete treatment plan. So, I want some guys who will work with me this spring wait for a while. Sorry for inconvenience.

I was really lucky that they were only seizures not bleeding and could have lived totally healthy until now (it was three days after my 38th birthday). I still have very mixed feeling about my disease and it is hard to explain. But it is important for me to memorize things.

I already got some warm comment on other social media and really appreciate them. Thank you and please be patient about my slow sewing and blogging.



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