New Series! “TIHBY”!

Today, I’m announcing new series on this blog, “TIHBY”!

What the heck is “TIHBY”? Well…. it means “Things I Haven’t Blogged Yet”!

Ha. As you see, I’ve been sick since 21st of Feb and it is hard for me to make new things as fast as before then. But I want to keep this blog alive so I thought what I could do… and voila! I found some things that I hadn’t blogged yet!

Sorry for cheating… Sure it is not so exciting, but this is all I can do right now. So, let’s have fun with “TIHBY” for a while!

First up is “Wildflower Top” by Melly Sews. It is actually included in the newest Pattern Anthology and I was sooo lucky to test this pattern (oh and it just released today!).


I used neon pink knit fabric with grey mini ruffles on it for main fabric and Hubby’s t-shirt or so for inner body. I think I bought this neon pink knit from Finch Sewing Studio, if my memory is correct.. it’s kind of a while ago.

In original pattern, the inner body is only for the upper part of the front body, but since this fabric is very sheer, I made the inner body longer and cover whole front body (though I didn’t have enough fabric so you can see the inner body end around my waist in the pic above). And I also attached inner body for the back body.


Sorry for showing the remote 😉

What I love most about this pattern is the fitting is customizable with your own measurements. You need to measure your front bust and under bust, then using those measurements the fitting will be just right for you.


I was bit worried about the fitting, because I was super FLAT, these type of tops used to fit big on me. But using this custom fitting pattern, it really fitted great on me. (Oh, and you see I almost matched these stripes on the side perfectly…)


I always think “Why in the world I chose this STRIPE fabric? Was I crazy? I will never sew with stripes again!” when I start sewing with stripes and try to match them. Then, just after finishing, I totally forget about what I thought about stripes and do same thing again.. and again…

Anyway, I really love this pattern. The fitting is great, super easy to make and really cute! Isn’t it? Even more, it is included in the newest Pattern Anthology which is for women this time. I already got it. It includes four tops which go with jeans very well and they are sooooo cute. I can’t wait to make other tops in it.

I will be back with some “TIHBY” soon (or new sewn things hopefully..)!

Happy Sewing!



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