TIHBY part.2/ Linen blouse and balloon shorts

How was your weekend, ladies?

Mine was full of shopping (mostly groceries) because I couldn’t drive a car now. My mom came to help me last Wednesday all the way from Japan to Alabama and she’s been helping me a lot. But she can’t drive either 😦 (she even doesn’t have a driver’s license..).

Anyway, I’m feeling much better than last week and getting little bit better and better. The problem is I still need to rest so I don’t have much time to sew 😦 Sigh. Though I have so many things that I want to make.

Ok. Here comes another post for my new series, “TIHBY” a.k.a. “Things I Haven’t Blogged Yet”. LOL.


You can see my first post for this series and read why I started this HERE.

So, this week I featured A’s outfit which I made a while ago, like almost a year ago. I started sewing with PDF sewing pattern which I found on Etsy in December 2012. Next I found some fabulous free patterns on internet and almost at same time I found Japanese Sewing Books. I made this outfit before I started this blog, so I haven’t blogged about this yet.

Both garments of this outfit are made with Japanese Sewing Book patterns.


The blouse pattern is from this book, Japanese craft book “Cute girl clothes” and the fabric is from thrifted linen woman dress. I had never been to and didn’t know about thrift shop before then (there was no thrift shops in Japan). After started sewing, I read about thrift shop and really wanted to go there. So I went there and bought soooo many clothes to use for refashion. It was like in February of 2013 and I still have some from that shopping (Like this linen fabric I used for the jacket HERE).

The pattern is super simple and making this was fairly easy. But it is finished very clean and I really like the balance of the simplicity and cuteness of this blouse. It has a back opening with buttons and cute gathered sleeves. I made same blouse little after this for 2013 Spring KCW and you can see it HERE.


The shorts pattern is from this book, Pattern Label’s Kids Clothes Sewing Lesson Book . This book has so many pictures for the instructions and it must be really easy to understand for you guys who don’t understand Japanese. It has some simple but cute garments and it varies from simple skirt to blouses and jackets. It also covers some knit sewing too.

The fabric is stretch denim which I bought from Fabric.com, I think (it’s too far ago I don’t remember..).


This pattern has a faux front fly, two side pockets and two back pockets. Most of the seams are stitched with two parallel lines. It makes this shorts not only more durable but also profesh, doesn’t it?


I think I made this pair of shorts as for my third sewing project or so. Even that kind of beginner could make this, so I highly recommend this book for the sewing and Japanese Sewing Book beginners.

Happy Sewing!



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