Hands-free Asymmetrical Bag

Okay. I had tested one more pattern to share here. And it is for ME. So, I have pattern testing like crazy not only for my girls but also me. And it is a bag for me! It’s Serger Pepper’s Hands-free Asymmetrical Bag.


I had made bags before this one. First I made a bag for A to use for Japanese Children’s Club (Moms and kids who speak Japanese and are in age of 3-6 gather, play and learn Japanese). It was a super easy rectangle tote bag, lined inside and I added some appliques outside. I don’t remember exactly when I made this, but it might be last April or so.

Then I made two Super Totes as my girls’ preschool bags. Because I changed their school last year and new school required a tote bag for kids to bring stuff to school, I decided to make two bags and chose Super Tote Pattern.


They got so many compliments and I still love them. After we go back to Japan, they definitely will be mine.

supertote02 supertote03

Okay. Let’s get back to my newest bag. Maybe it doesn’t look so difficult but it was most difficult bag I’ve made so far (well, I only made three patterns so far though…).

I don’t remember well, so it might be same with Super Totes, but there were so many pattern pieces and it was confusing. And well, this is my fault but I usually didn’t read a pattern instruction before start sewing. Now I SAY, YOU HAVE TO READ THE WHOLE INSTRUCTION before start sewing, even before cutting your fabric (especially on this bag pattern!!).


So, most of the difficulty came from my laziness, a.k.a starting without reading the whole instruction. I sewed a zipper on the other side of the fabric.. cut same pieces twice.. and even cut pieces I didn’t need.

It was much more time consuming project than I thought. It took me so long for the steps before sewing, from pattern printing, assembling, cutting, fabric choosing to fabric cutting.


But don’t get me wrong. I LOVE THIS BAG. It has every little details I need, a pocket with elastic on the side, zippered pocket inside and customizable pocket!


I used a canvas fabric from kokka for the main fabric. It was the leftover of T’s Nituna Jacket. The essex linen (the leftover of A’s pants) inside the bag (shown above). Thrifted placemat (leftover of A’s shorts) for the inside of the flap. The contrast fabrics for the flap outside came from two pairs of my not-wear-anymore pants (both are linen).

I didn’t use any new fabric (except the blue polka dot one I used for the inside of the zipper pocket). And I really felt great about that.

I love the color and pattern combination on it. I love the usability of it. And I love the style of it on me.


Now you can grab this pattern on Craftsy only for $6.90. I think it is a generous price. And after pattern testing and feedback, I’m sure the final version is much easier to understand and to work with 🙂

Happy Sewing!




7 thoughts on “Hands-free Asymmetrical Bag

  1. Jenya says:

    Love this bag! I too sometimes jump in head first and then realise I would have saved heaps of time (and fabric) had I read the instructions first!

  2. Nienke says:

    Gorgeous bag! Did I miss your EYMM Mommy&Me blog post?

    • Shino says:

      Thanks! well, actually I cancelled joining EYMM tour cause I had signed up for too many projects lately 😦 I should have chosen more carefully.. I liked your post anyway!

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