Alder Skirt pattern from Imagine Gnats

*note: this pattern was just released today (5/9/14)! you can grab one here. Yay!

So I tested another pattern.


This is Imagine Gnats‘ “Alder Skirt” pattern and will be released later this week.

I used same fabric with my Victoria Blazer which I bought from Imagine Gnats fabric shop. It is cotton hemp and once you wash it, it gets so soft feel.

Actually, I wanted to make MY “Alder Skirt” with this fabric, but I knew there was women’s version for this skirt after cutting this fabric for A’s size. After cutting pattern pieces for A’s skirt, I didn’t have enough to make mine ūüė¶

I will write about my skirt in another post, let’s get back to A’s skirt.

This pattern comes with size 4-14. A is 5 1/2 yrs old but she is super skinny as I’ve mentioned on this blog several times. So, I went with 5 length and 4 width.


The width of this skirt is still bit big on her, but the back of the waistband has elastic in it, so it could fit her.

I added piping on top of the pockets. I love these pockets which are bit wider than the side panels. And of course, piping made this skirt better, right?


I used secret contrast fabric for the inside of the pockets. It is corduroy fabric which has almost same color with the piping. They won’t show outside, but it is fun, isn’t it?

Rachael’s instruction was so clear and easy to follow. And I was impressed with the clean finish of this skirt pattern.


I love all the topstitches on the skirt and this flat front waistband.

Happy Sewing!


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6 thoughts on “Alder Skirt pattern from Imagine Gnats

  1. kleine kleinigkeiten says:

    lovely – great work!

    warm regards

  2. Agy says:

    Such an adorable skirt. I am wondering whether this would be just as good for an adult!

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