Women’s Alder Skirt and some thoughts about MMM14

How was your weekend? Did you have a nice Mother’s day?

I got handmade (a.k.a. preschool-made) gifts from my girls and surprise flowers from my husband 🙂 But well, actually he was away from home all day playing golf, so it was just a compensation for me…

Anyway, here is another version of Alder Skirt (pattern from Imagine Gnats) and it is for ME!


As I wrote in the post about girls’ Alder Skirt pattern, I wanted to make MINE with that floral fabric but I already cut it for A when I had a test pattern for me. And I didn’t have enough leftover, so I chose this fabric.

This fabric is from JoAnn and some kind of linen. I like this one and already used for A’s Bubble Pocket Shorts.

I wanted to play with the stripe little bit this time so cut the side panels on bias and I liked the result.


Because I already made a girls’ version, making this skirt was super easy and quick. It has same features with girls’ one like the flat front waistband, unique shaped pockets and elastic in the back waistband.


I used same shot cotton which I used for this blazer’s lining for the pockets.

I didn’t change the length and liked this. I am SHORT (5 feet, 150cm) so maybe the length would be shorter than this for you guys.


I am not a “skirt person”, I’m always wearing jeans and pants (or shorts) with t-shirts and tunics. I’ve been wearing at least one me-made item everyday since the 1st of May for Me-Made-May 14. And I noticed I needed to make more bottoms. I have never sewn pants or shorts. I sewed some skirts but definitely need more for everyday wardrobe.

I’ve been tempted by making dresses because they look cute and they are easy to make. But my challenge for MMM14 made me notice I should make more wardrobe essentials, tops and bottoms. Especially knit tops (I’m wearing knit tops almost 80-90%) and well fitted pants (I will definitely try sewing pants after our moving and I settle down in Japan).

SO, this was really great opportunity to make a skirt for me and I really liked this finished one AND definitely will wear a lot!


You can get this pattern on Imagine Gnats pattern shop now and you can see some amazing versions made by testers on Imagine Gnats blog.

Happy Sewing!

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6 thoughts on “Women’s Alder Skirt and some thoughts about MMM14

  1. Jill says:

    Love your Alder!! That linen is great and the bias cut for the side panels is so good!

  2. rachael {imagine gnats} says:

    i agree with Jill, the side bias stripes are my favorite part of this!

  3. marisa says:

    I love your version of this skirt – the bias sections really make it special.

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