Fabric heaven…

I had lived in the US for four years till June 12th.

I loved the life there, huge yard, huge house and big playgrounds. We could see squirrels running around in our front yard. We woke up by beautiful birds’ singing every morning.

It was the ideal place to raise kids. Where we live in Japan is not so bad but we don’t have squirrels running around in our front yard (we even don’t have what is called “front yard”), at least and we don’t have enough large back yard to do BBQ grilling, sadly to say.

I missed the life in the US so much. I missed friends who I had met there so much. Actually, I didn’t want to come back here, in Japan.


This happened.


After flying back to Japan, I’ve been in my parents’ house which is located in Tokyo. I grew up in Tokyo but I don’t like that city so much, because it’s always too crowded, EVERYWHERE. There are too many people and most of them are frustrated because it is crowded. Crazy, isn’t it?

But of course Tokyo is the biggest city in Japan and it has EVERYTHING. Like these yuuuumy fabrics.

I went to Nippori Senni-gai (fabric street) twice already. And it was… amazing, dreamy and like a heaven …. or a hell, for my wallet, lol.

In case you don’t know, Nippori Senni-gai is the place that has many fabric wholesale stores in Tokyo. And these stores sell their fabrics for ordinally people at the wholesale price.

Anyway, let’s take a look what I got there.

First one is yellow plaid voile.


It’s sheer so will make cute tops or dresses for my girls. And some breezy tops for me.

Next up is purple dot double gauze.


Same as other double gauze fabrics, this one has very very soft texture. It can be tops, dresses or scarves..

And this one is, well, kind of special.


It’s called “Chirimen”, and in english it is called as crepe de chine. This one is traditional Japanese fabric which is usually used for making Kimono. But this one has modern pattern on it and can be used for daily wear, like tops or dresses.

It was bit pricey so I only bought 1m (about 1 yard). I will use this for my little one’s summer top.

And the last one is “Linen gauze”. I even didn’t know there existed such kind of fabrics, but it did and it felt so soft.


I’m thinking about making some summery, sheer tops for me with this!

Well, these are what I got at my second visit to Nippori and I got more at first time… You will see them in near future.

‘Cause our stuff which we sent from the US in the end of March still doesn’t arrive to our house, we (me and my girls) are still staying in my parents’ house. We will move to OUR house which is 4 hours away by train from Tokyo next weekend or so. Then, I will have my not-yet-used serger and since I will have only serger for sometime (my sewing machine will arrive in the end of July or so. Oh, how I miss it…), I will use it and sew some knit fabrics for sure (and I got some knit fabrics at my first visit to Nippori…).

Anyway, I’m doing good and my girls too. After moving to our house, I will have my cell phone and will update on Instagram (which I can’t do now.. because of some inconvinient reasons…).

Well, so the life in Japan won’t be that bad. Especially with these fabulous fabrics 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Fabric heaven…

  1. marisa says:

    Glad to hear you’re settling in well – and I am so jealous of ‘fabric street’!! All the fabrics you bought are beautiful. And now I’ll know what street to visit if I ever go to Tokyo!

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