Another ONLY with serger sewing – big bow tunic for KCW



Last Monday evening, I got a call from the moving company and he said the rest of our stuff would arrive at our house this Sunday. Finally.

We will have a TV, trash boxes, plates, pans and pots, some toys, a printer and yes, my sewing machine (and my sewing tabel too!!).

I could just wait for their arrival till this Sunday cause it’s hard to find the sewing project which I could finish whole process only with a serger. But you know? This week is Kids Clothes Week (if you don’t know, please check the link. It’s AWESOME), and I wanted to make something new for my daughter.

Though I couldn’t find any project which could be finished only with a serger, I knew what I could do with it and what I couldn’t do with it. So, I kind of drafted a pattern combining some patterns which I had and used some techniques which I learned lately. As a result, I made up a project which could be made ONLY with a serger from the beginning to the end.





It’s a knit tunic with half sleeves and has a waistband with the bow in the front. I found this design in Japanese sewing book about sewing with a serger. It was for woman so I needed to change its size.

Also, the original one’s sleeve hems were finished with a regular sewing machine which I didn’t have yet, so I needed to change that too. The sleeve hem is finished with same way I used for my Super Easy Tee. I will write a tutorial (!) for that later.




This was the first time for me to draft a pattern. I used A’s dress to draw a neckline and to measure the length. I wanted it to be tunic length but it seemed to be bit short. Isn’t it?




I liked this design very much so I already made another version and this time, I legnthened the body. I will write a post about it later, too.




This period, while I don’t have me regular sewing machine in my hand sure was frustrating, but it made me finally open and learn how to use my serger. And also, I think that inconvenience made me draft a pattern for the first time cause I just couldn’t find a ready made pattern that I could use. So, I say, inconvenience makes people creative, maybe 🙂




And. This is how the area around OUR house in Japan looks like. Actually, this is a walking road behind our house. The landscape is of course totally different from the US and someday I want to introduce you some really Japanese-y landscape.

Girls are doing great. We live in new neighorhood so there are so many kids who are almost same age with our girls. They play with their new friends everyday after school (schools are having summer vacation here in Japan too but my girls go to daycare which opens almost all the year).




If I could change my hand-drafted pattern into PDF files, I’d love to share it here. But I’m not sure I can. Maybe someday.


Happy Sewing!



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4 thoughts on “Another ONLY with serger sewing – big bow tunic for KCW

  1. marisa says:

    Hi Shino – well done for finding another serger-only project! The tunic looks very sweet on your daughter. Sounds like not having your machine has been very frustrating, but I like your positive spin on it. Great to hear that the kids have lots of new friends!

    • Shino says:

      Hi, marisa! My sewing machine will arrive TOMORROW! Can’t wait! So many projects are waiting to be done. I’m glad seeing my girls adapting very well but they started forgetting english so fast 😦 Life is not easy!

  2. Beth says:

    Hello! I’m trying to reach you for permission to feature one of your sewing projects on the Sew Mama Sew blog. I can’t seem to find your email address… Could you please email me for details? Thank you!

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