Catalina Dress Pattern from Blank Slate Patterns

I had an opportunity to test women’s new dress pattern from Blank Slate Patterns.


This pattern was originally made for knee-length but I wanted it to be maxi. I asked Melissa and she kindly said okay so I made this. And I am soooo glad about the result. It’s super comfy, casual yet cute and stylish.


There is a sad story behind this dres… if you would like to know.

Some of you guys who are following me on Instagram, you might have seen this fabric there. I got excited that I could match stripe (almost) perfectly at the side seams of this dress.

But it was ALMOST, so I wanted it to be really perfect. I pinned the seam to match stripe perfectly and sewed with my serger. I knew I had to take off pins when it came near serger needles but… it happened. I was too late to take off one pin and it broke my serger’s knife.


I just started using my serger. I got this last January. This dress was my fourth or so project using my serger….

I called local sewing shop which carried Brother machine and the owner said he could replace the knife. It was fast and my serger came back to me yesterday with new knife..

ANYWAY. BE CAREFUL when you have to pin while you use your serger otherwise you shouldn’t pin. That’s what I learned.


Back to this dress, I had wanted to have a maxi dress for summer. Since I am so short (yes. I am still short even as Japanese woman), I couldn’t find any maxi dresses which I could wear without hems touching the floor. I didn’t want to clean up all the floor wearing maxi so I’d been thinking making one.


And this is my very first me-made-maxi dress. AND I LOVE THIS!! I already wear this several times though it was finished last week. ‘Cause it is super comfy, casual… okay I already said it.

The fabric is TARGET sheets. Oh, how I miss you TARGET!!


Now you can get this pattern on Blank Slate Patterns shop(affiliate link)!

Happy Sewing!

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3 thoughts on “Catalina Dress Pattern from Blank Slate Patterns

  1. marisa says:

    This looks fantastic on you Shino – and you made it out of a sheet?? I wish I could find sheets that nice 🙂

    • Shino says:

      Oh, you guys don’t have TARGET either there? Target is huge grocery store like Walmart and carries everything. It’s sheets sometimes are used as fabrics by US sewists 🙂 and they even carries jersey knit sheets! Oh, how I missed you, Target….

      • marisa says:

        We do have Target (althought we don’t have Walmart), but it seems to be different from the US one – it sells clothes, homewares and toys, not groceries. Still, I’m going to go check out the sheet section next time I’m there!

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